T-Mobile picks Nokia to improve efficiency for 5G service


Nokia has announced its collaboration with T-Mobile to launch a dedicated gateway solution that supports LTE, 5G NSA, and 5G SA technologies for the service provider’s nationwide, fixed-wireless High-Speed Internet (HSI) traffic. Nokia will deploy its Multi-Access Gateway (MAG) solution which will allow T-Mobile to improve service scalability, and time to market.

Fixed wireless access (FWA) is a key technology to rapidly expand coverage of high-speed broadband services to provide universal or ubiquitous broadband. FWA will support residential broadband applications such as high-definition video streaming that consumes significantly more bandwidth than mobile applications.

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The Nokia MAG solution will allow T-Mobile to deliver an affordable, reliable and seamless broadband experience to every customer. The Nokia platform can incrementally scale the bandwidth for HSI traffic to multiple Terabits-per-second, while providing significant power and space efficiency. As T-Mobile expands its HSI service to more homes, it will benefit from higher bandwidth with lower space and power.

The Nokia MAG leverages the 7750 Service Routers (SR) to efficiently deliver broadband services over fixed-wireless access technologies. The Nokia MAG solution combines the throughput and power savings of an NPU-assisted user-plane architecture on 7750 SR systems, while providing the flexibility of the 3GPP control-plane architecture.

John Saw, EVP Chief Technology Officer for T-Mobile, said: “T-Mobile is one of the fastest growing broadband providers in the country and we are committed to expanding our High-Speed Internet service nationwide. The Nokia MAG solution will allow us to simplify our architecture and reduce operational life cycle management and our energy footprint. We are excited to partner with Nokia and leverage their innovative technology.”

Federico Guillén, President of Network Infrastructure, Nokia, said: “We are pleased to work with T-Mobile to provide a highly scalable and energy-efficient user plane for their fixed-wireless High Speed Internet service. Our MAG solution, which uses our advanced FP5 IP routing silicon, will help T-Mobile to effectively enhance service capacity, scalability, and speed to market.”