Swisscom Taps Ericsson to Deploy Security Manager Solution

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Ericsson has been selected by Swisscom, the telecommunications service provider in Switzerland, to deploy its Security Manager solution.

Ericsson Security Manager will provide increased security automation, visibility and control for Swisscom Security Operation Center to address the increasing security management needs of the service provider. The new deal includes automation of security compliance management and basic security analytics.

Philippe Vuilleumier, Head of Group Security, Swisscom, says: “Continuing our strong partnership and collaboration with Ericsson, we are deploying Ericsson Security Manager in our datacenter in Switzerland while simultaneously developing the solution further through progressive and agile collaboration. Ericsson Security Manager is improving the security baseline automation and security analytics in our Security Operations Center, strengthening our activities to protect our own critical infrastructure.”

Åsa Tamsons, Senior Vice President and Head of Business Area Technologies & New Businesses, Ericsson, says: “Security is a cornerstone of Swisscom’s business. Ericsson Security Manager will transform the security management of Swisscom’s mobile network and in the future support new use cases in the telecommunications industry, while addressing the ever-increasing security requirements.”

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