Subisu – Winning New Frontiers on Next Gen Communications

Binaya Mohan Subisu

In today’s times when telecoms and cable are joining forces to deliver what the end customer needs, Nepal based Subisu Cablenet is a great example of delivering converged services at the customer level. Whether it is voice, data or Ethernet services for the enterprise, the company, which started its operations in the year 1999 has been on the forefront of delivering true next generation communication technology for its customers.

In an exclusive interaction with Zia Askari, Editor, TelecomDrive, Binaya Mohan Saud, CEO, Subisu Cablenet talks about the priorities of the company and how it is moving ahead on embracing new age technologies ahead.

Q) What is the big focus for Subisu in Nepal? What are some of the big priorities for Subisu today?

Our big focus will be Digital TV for the next 2 years. Subisu will be launching first of it’s kind Hybrid Digital TV (Analog TV, HD DTV, IPTV & OTT) starting from Kathmandu and expanding to other cities. Some of the big priorities for Subisu is building up it’s Core & Access IP network for delivery of IP services with value addition to prospective retail and enterprise clients.

Q) What is the technology landscape for Subisu today? Can you share some of the core technologies that you are deploying today?

Subisu has always been known to introduce new technologies in the market. We have 20G DWDM Network in the core connecting different cities and nationwide MPLS network. We have been providing Internet over DOCSIS for the last 10 years and just started our FTTH service one year back.

Q) How does Subisu target the enterprise segment today? What kind of verticals are you targeting?

We are No. 1 in the Enterprise Segment. As we share more than 75% of the market, our strength has been reliability, flexibility and strict SLA adherence. We are presently targeting financial institutions, government & all types of enterprise clients i.e. Healthcare, INGOs, NGOs, Education etc.

Q) How does the company look at Ethernet services today? what kind of enterprise are taking in Ethernet from Subisu?

Ethernet is the service of future. The reliability of Ethernet Services and the QoS has improved over the last decade. Wide Range of enterprises like Colleges, Hospitals, Government offices, Banks etc are taking Ethernet service from Subisu.

 Q) Today there is a lot of convergence happening at the fixed and wireless front. How are you looking at this convergence space? Are there any specific offerings that you have for the end customer?

Yes, presently we are having Video and Data over the same cable. We are taking it one step further and converging Video over IP so that our customers can also experience video of highest quality over our Docsis, Wireless and FTTH platform. The end customers will now be able to see Live TV, VOD and Catchup TV using their smart devices (Tablets, Smartphones) apart from the regular experience.

 Q) Triple play is also quite prominent and relevant today. Is there any triple play initiative taken by Subisu?

Subisu is focusing on Dual play i.e. Video and Data only at the moment.

 Q) In India a lot of traditional cable operators are moving towards providing broadband bandwidth and services. How do you look at this space, especially when you have established yourself in the cable space?

We have been in the Cable TV business for the last 13 years and have been providing internet on Docsis over Coax cable for the last 10 years. We definitely plan to expand our broadband service using technologies like Docsis and GPON in the coming years.

 Q) What kind of vendors are you partnering today? what are the trends for the future?

We are partnering with companies like Juniper, Cisco and Huawei for our Core and vendors like Raisecom, WaveIP & RAD for our Access. We are seeing keen interest of bigger and focused vendors in customers like us to deliver customised products/services.