Streamroot Debuts its ‘Infrastructure as a Service Solution’ Streamroot DNA in APAC


Streamroot Inc., the provider of OTT delivery optimisation technologies, has announced for the first time in Asia its patented Infrastructure as a Service solution, Streamroot DNA™ to be unveiled at the upcoming Broadcast Asia 2018.

Streamroot DNA™ is designed to overcome the challenges of large-scale OTT delivery as viewership explodes, resolutions rise and users become increasingly sensitive to video quality. This delivery technology enables broadcasters to offer better quality for viewers, all while exponentially increasing their content delivery capacity and drastically lowering CDN expenses.

Optimizing the edge all the way down to the individual user’s machine, Streamroot DNA™ intelligently determines the best source for each video segment by creating a mesh network of devices watching the same content on the same platform at the same time. Video segments can either be delivered from the broadcaster’s traditional content delivery network (CDN) and/or viewer devices.

Upon reaching a minimal number of only ~20 concurrent users, Streamroot DNA™ heightens quality of experience (QoE), offloads significant traffic from the CDN and cuts delivery expenses by up to 80%.

“With heightened competition in APAC and network infrastructures that vary greatly from country to country, Streamroot’s innovative content delivery technology is the perfect solution for broadcasters hoping to rise to the demand for OTT services in the region,” explains Gautier Demond, VP Global Sales of Streamroot. “This is the only solution of its kind on the Asian market, making Streamroot DNA™ a must-have for any successful OTT go-to-market strategy.”

To optimize web and mobile experiences, Streamroot DNA™ features the following capabilities and benefits:

Available for live and Video On Demand (VoD): Unlike other “hybrid CDN” technologies, Streamroot performs equally well for live and VoD services in terms of both QoS and cost.

Improved QoS across web, mobile and other devices: By delivering content on a global edge – closer to the end user – overall throughput improves, leading to lower buffering and higher viewer engagement times.

Plugin-Free: Streamroot DNA™ is completely transparent; it does not require the end user to install any proxy or other software to enjoy the benefits.

Mobile SDKs & Smart TV: For Android and iOS, Streamroot DNATM can be integrated via SDK into the broadcaster’s native app. In addition, Streamroot DNA™ is compatible with Amazon Fire TV, Samsung Tizen, LG WebOS and Apple TV.

Already deployed with major international media providers, Streamroot DNA™ has proven to be a critical solution for global, high performing OTT groups such as TF1, Canal+, Russia Today and Eurosport. The company has also partnered with several broadcasters in the APAC region to help them increase capacity, reduce costs and improve QoS.

“DNA represents our core technology and the foundation upon which we build products for OTT providers,” explains Pierre-Louis Théron, Co-Founder and CEO of Streamroot. “But most importantly, it is the cornerstone for our customers to build a profitable platform, especially in the growing and highly competitive Asian market.”

Streamroot will be showcasing Streamroot DNA at the 2018 Broadcast Asia show, booth 4H2-09.