Spectralink, Funktel Partner for ATEX certified DECT solution


Spectralink, the global enabler in enterprise mobility solutions, announced its partnership with Funktel, a German manufacturer of professional security and communication solutions in Germany.

The businesses have joined forces to develop additional features for ATEX handsets at sites with standard Spectralink DECT infrastructure based on Spectralink’s 400/6500/2500 and 8000 DECT servers.

Combining the unique IP DECT infrastructure from Spectralink with Funktel ATEX compliant handsets provides the market with next generation robust industrial personal emergency signal handsets. In order for a device to be used within a potentially explosive environment, it has to be certified under the EU Directive ATEX.

Workers in the manufacturing, logistics and retail industries are often alone in petrochemical plants, high-voltage environments and large warehouses with heavy machinery such as forklifts. With the risk of falling or remaining trapped in an environment where there are dangerous gases or chemical spills there is an increasing demand from solutions to protect lone-workers.

Spectralink has implemented Funktel’s proprietary protocols to ensure full integration with Funktel handsets without requiring GAP level integration. In order to achieve optimum integration, Spectralink created IP-DECT servers that work in tandem with Funktel’s ‘nucleus’ server.

This level of integration enables important features such as messaging, alerts and alarms in addition to the basic telephony capability such as calling, when the lone-worker is unable to speak, or is injured/trapped on site. In environments where injured workers may be unable to make a traditional call, these additional features can save lives.

Spectralink and Funktel plan to further explore the potential of their partnership and to continue to develop advanced solutions for the safety of lone-workers and workers in hazardous environments.

Julien Bertheuil, Managing Director EMEA at Spectralink Corporation, comments: “When providing equipment to businesses operating in dangerous environments it is fundamental that they are fully certified under the required EU Directives. Partnering with Funktel enables us to provide our customers with a combined solution, which they can implement directly into their existing DECT infrastructure. Using our technology with Funktel ATEX handsets we are providing a win-win solution for all.

“Combining secure and reliable communications devices with Spectralink’s infrastructure to provide workers in hazardous areas in industry helps put employee safety at the forefront of employers’ agendas”.

Rolf-Dieter Finger, OEM Sales Manager at Funktel GmbH also comments, “Combining the expertise from Spectralink with our specialist knowledge in creating ATEX certified solutions to ensure lone-worker safety has meant we can help put employers’ minds at ease when deploying employees to high-risk environments. We hope the release of the FC4 S Ex HS Explosion Protected Security DECT Handset will set a new standard for the industry. Together we hope to respond to the needs of many enterprise grade customers who have requirements for this type of handset”.