Shaw Communications Delivers Free Digital Education for Canadians


Shaw Communications Inc. is giving families free access to comprehensive, immersive digital educational programming for children and youth as school facilities are closed and students move to virtual learning modules due to the threat posed by COVID-19.

Through a new strategic partnership with EVERFI — an international social impact education innovator — Shaw is making available research-backed online programming designed to give K-12 students access to curriculum aligned topics that are most relevant to young people today, including personal health, financial education, mental health, digital wellness and more.

The modules are available today for all Canadians for free by visiting

“Families are now facing a new reality of being at home together all day, every day, which, for many parents, has meant that they have had to take on a new more formal role of teacher in addition to all of their other work and household responsibilities,” said Paul McAleese, incoming President, Shaw Communications. “Through its comprehensive and immersive digital course materials, EVERFI is helping change the way people think about education. By bringing these online courses to families, we hope to give families peace of mind and kids exciting and engaging learning experiences.”

“At this time of uncertainty, when millions of school-aged children around the world are turning to distance learning, we are happy to be able to help our strategic partners make much needed educational content available to families in need,” said Tom Parisi, Executive Vice President of K-12, EVERFI. “Shaw’s commitment to providing education that covers social-emotional learning and health and wellness, as well as financial education, is exactly what is needed to support students and families during this tumultuous period.”

EVERFI’s mission is to leverage technology to build scalable and innovative educational solutions that educate and empower people and transform communities. Founded in 2008, EVERFI has worked with schools, educational institutions, companies and communities worldwide and is a recognized leader in digital educational programming that addresses the most challenging issues affecting society.

Digital courses will be available to students for free until the end of June 2020.

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