Sparkle Launches Cyber Security Training Platform


Sparkle, the first international service provider in Italy and among the top ten global operators, has launched a managed Cyber Security Training Platform providing engaging courses aimed at building cyber security skills through live attacks simulation.

With the ongoing digitalization process and the growing adoption of remote working, businesses need to rely on cyber security experts to protect their networks, devices and data from unauthorized access.

Sparkle’s Cyber Security Training Platform enables enterprises to assess the vulnerability of their security procedures and technologies and learn to protect networks against live attacks through an innovative approach. The training takes place in a hyper-realistic and immersive environment where security teams and individuals can test their ability to detect, investigate and mitigate simulated attacks in a stressful situation, just like in real life.

Based on Cyberbit, a cyber security skill development platform, Sparkle’s training solution mirrors real-world enterprise-grade network infrastructures and provides trainees with security tools to respond to a wide range of simulated cyber attacks including ransomware, DDoS, SQL injections, worms, fileless attacks, and more, out of an extensive and constantly updated catalogue.

Sparkle security specialists take care of the entire learning process, delivering guidance and assisting learners in mastering complex challenges. At the end of the training, IT staff members learn to identify and respond promptly to the latest attacker techniques, thus achieving the highest level of expertise in cyber security.

In its pre-launch period, the service has been already adopted by leading European entities operating in the Energy, Education and ICT Consultancy sectors, proving to be an effective tool for testing and building cyber security skills and to implement effective prevention policies.

With a portfolio of Security Solutions – that include Signalling and DDoS protection – and direct experience on global network security, Sparkle sets itself as a reference partner for companies and telecom operators worldwide seeking to protect their networks from hackers and fraudsters.