CAE Expands Europe Footprint with Facilities in Hungary, Belarus


CAE, the industry’s first interactive physical commodity trader for semiconductor capital equipment, announces an expanded European presence with new facilities in Belarus and Hungary and over 50 new team members.

Through its substantial investment in European-based operations, CAE is positioned to double its European footprint over the next three years with new facilities in Austria, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and the United Kingdom.

CAE, a U.S.-based software and data-driven commodity trader, has developed a significant growth plan for operations in Europe. CAE’s investment positions the company as the first and only U.S.-based firm building a significant European presence.

CAE has developed a hub in Budapest, Hungary, which houses a growing trading team, data and decision science experts, logistics and transportation resources, and world-class managers. CAE’s Hungarian team is the first step toward providing enhanced services and support to the European Union’s growing and vibrant semiconductor community. In addition, CAE has opened a new facility in Belarus, one of Europe’s leading technology hot spots. The facility is focused on the development of CAE’s in-house, proprietary software — the first transaction-validated software platform designed to match buyers and sellers. CAE’s software provides hundreds of unique insights, standardizes data architectures, automates marketing, supports valuation and asset due diligence, and utilizes artificial intelligence throughout its workflows. Through this unique software, CAE is able to better match buyers and sellers, providing clear and accurate data, market-based and validated valuation guidance, and increased speed through artificial intelligence.

“CAE has developed major growth opportunities throughout Europe to provide extensive support to our global client base,” said Ryan Jacob, chief executive officer for CAE. “Europe has been a technology leader for decades, but in some ways, it is approaching a new renaissance. CAE is rapidly building its presence across the continent to serve local clients and position itself for the growth we anticipate across Europe in the next five years. Unlike other companies, we are building a business in Europe, because we believe in the future of Europe and its talent set.

“We are developing core, front-end infrastructure in Europe and continue to invest in our trading, data, logistics and research teams. Europe is responsible for many unique innovations and advanced technological development. It will continue to thrive as it builds on its unique technology clusters. In addition, Europe has many of the world’s marquee companies that we believe will continue to grow long-term. CAE will continue to roll out a two-phased approach to bringing additional on-the-ground support throughout Europe.”

CAE is positioning individual trading teams throughout Europe to support fabrication facilities. It’s actively developing infrastructure in France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and the U.K. CAE’s research team, Global Inspection Services, will continue to grow alongside the firm’s trading pods to provide CAE’s clients with reliable services and create a safer trading marketplace. CAE’s physical global footprint is fully integrated to provide clients with interactive, real-time updates from across the world.

CAE provides a clear and comprehensive view of the global marketplace through its internally developed, proprietary technology. CAE’s platform organizes buyer and seller inputs into a single algorithmic-matching system that monitors prices, market events, supply, demand and asset quality to develop a reliable solution for clients. CAE tracks over 537,000 global assets inside fabrication facilities, warehouses, refurbishment companies and research centers — many assets on an exclusive basis. Simultaneously, CAE works with clients on over 260,000 active inquiries, the most extensive collection of supply and demand in the world.