Thursday, December 7, 2023
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Solar Energy: StarHub, Sunseap Partner to Enter Open Electricity Market

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Starting next month, residents in Jurong can lead the change and be the first to power all their home gadgets and appliances like televisions, laptops and washing machines with affordable clean energy from StarHub and Singapore-based sustainable energy firm Sunseap.

Households will be able to switch out of their existing electricity retailer and go solar without the hassle of owning or installing solar panels. Here is the solar panel installation guide from our side.

Having formed a joint operation, StarHub and Sunseap are entering Singapore’s Open Electricity Market, starting with the Energy Market Authority’s soft launch in Jurong and culminating in the full liberalisation of the retail electricity market in the second half of this year.

Consumers will be free to choose their desired electricity retailers according to their usage patterns and the prices offered. Switching electricity retailers will be seamless; there will be no disruption and customers can continue to enjoy the same quality and reliability of electricity supply.

As part of this joint operation, StarHub and Sunseap are collaborating on various fronts which include customer service, billing and sales, to ensure a fuss-free experience for households. Both companies are also exploring opportunities in smart energy and Internet of Things solutions to bring continued benefits to customers.

“Working together with Sunseap, we are excited to offer households a compelling way to live a lower carbon footprint lifestyle using the Sun’s energy. Leveraging each other’s expertise, we will bundle essential services from mobile, pay TV, broadband and electricity in attractive packages for customers, who are becoming more environmentally-aware;” said Howie Lau, Chief Marketing Officer, StarHub. “Clean energy has been gaining ground in Singapore and we hope to further energise this green movement with the launch of our StarHub Clean Energy Fund.”

To champion clean energy use, 5% of StarHub’s profits out of this business in the first three years will be channelled into the StarHub Clean Energy Fund. The fund will be used to drive environmental conservation initiatives including clean energy and efficiencies. StarHub is committed to doing business in a sustainable manner to minimise our and our customers’ impact on the environment.

Frank Phuan, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Sunseap Group, said: “We are pleased to be in a joint operation with StarHub to help residents in Singapore go green. This will make it easy for both existing and potential StarHub customers to switch to solar energy without any break in their regular electricity service. As the leading sustainable energy provider in Singapore, Sunseap is committed to helping consumers do their part to lower global warming emissions, which we believe is one of the most urgent challenges of the 21st century.”

With over three decades of experience in building and developing sustainable energy solutions, Sunseap has grown to become Singapore’s largest and most established sustainable energy provider.

Sunseap’s solar energy is harvested from its rooftop solar systems across more than 1,000 buildings in Singapore, including public housing estates as well as commercial and industrial buildings, which convert sunlight into solar energy.

Starting next month, StarHub and Sunseap will offer customers a choice of two clean energy subscription plans named Green Life and Green Save.

The first plan named Green Life is a 100% clean energy plan tailored to meet the needs of environmentally conscious customers. Customers on the Green Life plan will receive electricity fully produced by Sunseap’s solar systems at no additional cost. Electricity will be charged at the usual regulated electricity tariff.

The second plan, Green Save, allows customers to take a step towards becoming more environment-friendly while enjoying some savings. With this plan, customers will receive 5% clean energy and enjoy 20% discount off the regulated tariff. Please refer to the table below.