Smart Cities of Future, Coming to Life at World Cities Expo Istanbul


Life-altering, transformative technologies are turning cities into “Smart Cities”. Fast, user-friendly, accessible, and sustainable solutions are making cities as “smart” as they do people.

The use of technology is becoming more widespread as it presents the potential to solve the problems faced by metropolises. In the process, urban areas are gradually turning into “Smart Cities.”

Smart Cities of the Future

“Smart Cities” that are set to shape future city models will be represented in World Cities Expo Istanbul at Halic Congress Center on May 15-18, 2017. Participants will include institutions, organizations, and countries that spearhead developments in this area. The event will be organized by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.

The international press launch for the World Cities Expo Istanbul was organized in Barcelona

The international launch for the World Cities Expo Istanbul took place with the participation of Dr. Hayri Baracli, Secretary General of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, on March 1st 2017. Dr. Baracli explained why they organized this international press launch in Barcelona: “We have two reasons for carrying out our event’s launch meeting in Barcelona, whose culture, architecture, and contemporary urban solutions make it a global city. First, Barcelona is a sister city of Istanbul. Second, we aim to make an important call to every city in the world by emphasizing the ‘Smart Cities’ of the future through the ties between the two world cities.”

Dr. Baracli noted the following points about the importance of World Cities Expo Istanbul: “Use of technology is becoming more widespread as it presents the potential to solve the problems of metropolises. In the process, urban areas are gradually turning into ‘Smart Cities.’

Today global cities are projected to allocate $1.5 trillion in resources by 2021 on the path toward becoming smart cities. Smart cities are expected to provide $22 trillion in savings by 2050 with big initiatives such as public transportation systems and energy-saving buildings. We all have a very important role to play in these efforts. These duties primarily include the exchange of knowledge and experience between countries and cities. It is necessary to expand smart city practices to all cities in the world. It is also crucial to raise awareness among city residents. With this in mind, we, as Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, are organizing the World Cities Expo Istanbul.

Broad International Participation

World Cities Expo Istanbul will address entrepreneurship, economic development, innovations and technology, big data and urban management, energy, transportation, and smart societies as they contribute to Smart Cities.

The international event will create an area of shared experience, offer an exhibition area that brings companies involved in smart transformation together. There will be also vision conferences that gather opinion and thought leaders and effective, synergy-based business and network meetings.

More than 100 global and local companies will attend the event with nearly 10 national pavilions. World Cities Expo Istanbul is projected to draw nearly 3,000 business people and more than 300 international and national members of the press, as well as over 10,000 professionals.

World Cities Expo Istanbul attendee profile comprises international and local public institutions and organizations, leading urban technology companies, national pavilions, nongovernmental organizations within the industry, smart-home platform providers, educational institutions, health service providers, insurance companies, industry publications and media organizations, municipalities, mayors, and executives, technoparks, urban administrators, telecom operators, ministries of urban technologies, ministries of environment and urbanization; and technology providers.