Singtel switches on 5G at its unmanned pop-up retail store

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Singtel has unveiled its first 5G use case with 5G Now@UNBOXED, its 24/7 unmanned pop-up retail store now enhanced with 5G connectivity. The hyper-connected store gives consumers and retailers alike a first-hand taste of 5G and how it can transform and reshape the shopping experience as we know it.

Yuen Kuan Moon, CEO, Consumer Singapore, Singtel, said, “Having launched our 5G NSA network last week, we are keen to share the benefits of 5G and the opportunities it brings for the retail industry. What better way to demonstrate this than through our unmanned store now powered by a faster, more reliable network that enables seamless, personalised engagement with customers and new efficiencies for retailers.”

The deployment of 5G with its low latency and high speeds makes the modular store even more moveable as it can be set up anywhere without having to lay fibre cables. In addition, Singtel’s customers will benefit from a more seamless and swifter service on its connected self-serve kiosks which allow SIM card replacements, prepaid card purchases, device collection and more while enhancing the store’s security system. 5G can also power IoT and artificial intelligence, enabling real-time intelligent connectivity and analytics in-store.

This allows communication between UNBOXED’s roving smart robot ambassador Stanley and 5G virtual assistant Stella at the kiosks, creating a more personalised shopping experience for customers. Stanley is also integrated with the store’s security system to detect customers who are running a temperature as well as ensure customers adhere to safe distancing measures. As a next-generation retail concept, this contactless service model shows how 5G can help retailers better adapt and reach their customers in a post-COVID new normal.

“COVID-19 has ushered in a new, digital way of life for many people, accelerating a fundamental shift in the retail industry toward a hybrid online and offline retail model. The deployment of 5G at our pop-up store is timely as its ultra-fast speeds and low latency will make the self-serve retail model even more compelling for a digitally-minded set of consumers. UNBOXED gives a glimpse into the richer experiences 5G can offer in combination with IoT, artificial intelligence or even augmented and virtual reality while providing customers with a pleasant and safe buying environment,” Yuen added.

Singtel also demonstrated speeds of more than 1Gbps at UNBOXED, showing the significantly faster speeds that customers will be able to enjoy on Singtel 5G. For instance, a two-hour HDR movie can be downloaded on a 5G connection in just 40 seconds.

Singtel also showcased how 5G can be deployed in other consumer use cases, one highlight being an interactive 3D reading experience through augmented reality, and high-performance 5G cloud gaming.

UNBOXED is currently located at Singtel Comcentre and will move to popular venues across the island in the coming year, bringing the Singtel 5G experience to a wider audience.

Last week, Singtel launched its 5G NSA network, offering Singtel customers an early taste of 5G ultra-fast mobile speeds. Available to customers on Combo and XO plans with compatible 5G-enabled handsets, Singtel is offering a free trial to 20,000 customers who will enjoy 5G access with an additional 10GB of local data for three months. Other customers keen on the 5G can also enjoy the trial for S$10 per month.

Singtel’s 5G NSA network utilises 3.5GHz, a prime 5G frequency, in addition to existing 2100MHz to deliver 5G speeds of more than 1Gbps. For a start, Singtel 5G will cover central and high-traffic areas such as Orchard Road, Harbourfront, Sports Hub and more.