Singapore’s M1 Picks CSG Digital Wholesale to Streamline Business

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M1 Limited (M1), Singapore’s first digital network operator, has announced that it is using CSG’s cloud-based Digital Wholesale solution to streamline its business and seamlessly manage traffic without sacrificing quality.

With CSG’s wholesale cloud platform at the heart of its intercarrier operations, M1 is re-envisioning how it interacts with customers for future growth and leveraging modernisation to drive down costs and improve margins.

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“Our mission at M1 is to not only do digital, but to be digital. What truly sets CSG apart is their ability to understand our intercarrier customer needs. CSG’s hands-on support throughout our implementation and their extensive experience in revenue management represent the best-in-class solution we need to go beyond connectivity and deliver game changing results for our wholesale customers. With CSG’s cloud-based solution, M1
has the agility, automation, and future-ready technology to react quickly to market demands. Together, we went live on time and on target. CSG’s commitment to our success is essential to our journey of becoming a digital native telco,” said Nathan Bell, Chief Digital Officer, M1.

CSG Digital Wholesale is the most widely deployed wholesale telecoms management system in the world, helping more than 150 customers reduce their costs without compromising quality. These capabilities help operators advance their market responsiveness and deliver competitive strategies that power advanced customer experiences while taking the complexity out of wholesale relationship management.

“The digital wholesale market is key to enabling 5G strategies, and ambitious operators, like M1, need agile cloud solutions that allow them to evolve and adapt as fast as the market does,” said Ian Watterson, head of CSG’s Asia-Pacific business. “CSG’s public cloud
platform enables M1 to accelerate their digital transformation and
leverage the scalability and flexibility of the cloud to future-proof their business. Our longstanding relationship and in-depth knowledge of M1’s business and their customers’ needs have been the keys to success for this implementation, ensuring business
continuity and an on-time deployment.”

With CSG’s solution, M1 can now:

Deliver extraordinary wholesale customer experiences: Access to data helps M1 better understand its customers as well as protect and improve margins. M1 can quickly react to changing customer demands and take advantage of made to measure routing and
pricing to enhance the customer experience.

Leverage real-time insight: Real-time reports provide visibility into cost savings, loss, and profitability, giving M1 a complete view of its business performance and the ability to react to and resolve issues before they impact the business.

Lower capital and operating expenditures: By consolidating national and international operations, M1 can handle every kind of traffic through an integrated platform that powers increased efficiency. This allows M1 to reduce the number of manual, error-prone tasks while taking advantage of profitable routing opportunities as soon as they become available.

Trade intelligently: Tariff-setting is quick, easy, and automated. With customer specific layouts and on-the-fly rate negotiations, M1 can leverage commercial insights to keep its product portfolio and business model as dynamic as the market.

CSG Route is part of the company’s broad portfolio of revenue management and digital wholesale solutions that allow companies to shorten their time to market and reduce operational costs while delivering innovative services and extraordinary customer
experiences. Leading telecommunications companies across Asia-Pacific and the world rely on CSG to monetise new offerings and protect and maintain existing revenue streams while they focus on their business requirements.