Secure collaboration platform Wire debuts encrypted critical communications service


Secure collaboration platform Wire debuts on demand crisis communications service Wire Red to provide end-to-end encrypted emergency messaging for Fortune 1,000 companies.

The announcement comes as organisations find themselves at greater risk of experiencing a cyber-based crisis than ever before. In 2017, the NotPeyta ransomware attack on shipping giant Maersk underlined the high costs incurred by large businesses when unable to communicate as a result of a network breach. The attack cost approximately $275m and left the business offline for ten days, with 4,000 new servers, 45,000 new PCs and 2,500 applications requiring a full reinstall to get the organisation back up-and-running (Source: The Register).

Major organisations are increasingly looking to ensure they have adequate systems in place to protect against a NotPeyta style attack. If infrastructure including email, phones and conference systems becomes unavailable, large businesses are rightly concerned that they will be unable to communicate with staff, customers, partners, media and the financial markets.

“If a cyber attack compromises an organisation’s network, staff typically resort to commercial messengers for crisis resolution, harbour operations and investor communication” commented Wire CEO Morten Brøgger. “As a result, senior leadership is unable to conduct business, inform the market of their actions and communicate internally with the wider team.”

Wire Red provides businesses with a pre-provisioned cloud communications infrastructure that contains distinct groups for executives, investor relations, operations and communications. The solution is fully secured by Wire’s Distributed Encryption Architecture and contains a unique set of standard operating procedures specific to that group. Wire Red allows business to send messages, host voice conferences and share files – all via an end-to-end encrypted communications platform.

Wire co-founder and CTO/COO Alan Duric said “Wire is cloud-based and independent from vulnerable corporate networks and all communication is end-to-end encrypted. There’s no central point of weakness, as every device encrypts messages, files and calls with a unique key that is constantly changing and not known to Wire servers. This provides perfect protection for any sensitive business discussions.”

“By offering businesses Wire Red, we are providing them with an end-to-end encrypted, open source and independently audited crisis management platform. As sophisticated cyber attacks that disable internal networks become commonplace, Wire is delighted to help large organisations operate a secure solution to conduct emergency communications” concluded Brøgger.