Oculeus Anti-Fraud System gets recognised on improving threat detection for telecoms


Oculeus, a global provider of OSS/BSS solutions for telecommunications service providers and network operators, has won the Fortress Cybersecurity Award for improving threat detection on telecommunications networks with its Oculeus Anti-Fraud System.

The Fortress Cybersecurity Award program identifies the world’s leading cybersecurity companies and products that are keeping electronic data and assets safe from growing threats and exposure to hacking.

The Oculeus Anti-Fraud System improves the fraud prevention practices of telecommunications service providers and network operators by creating an automatic framework to rapidly identify and block threats of telecommunications fraud.

While existing practices for telecommunications fraud prevention still rely on time consuming manual processes and cross department interactions, the Oculeus Anti-Fraud Systems combines anomaly detection and automated processes to detect and stop fraudulent telecommunications traffic in near-real-time before significant revenue is lost.

The Oculeus Anti-Fraud System starts by building a baseline profile of expected telecommunications activity and then continuously monitors all telecommunications traffic. The system uses call attempt evaluations, call records and commercial data to check for traffic anomalies and patterns that are typical of fraud. In addition to rapid post-call fraud evaluations, the system performs fraud evaluations before the start of a call by working with a SIP redirect server and a pre-call fraud detection engine in order to evaluate all pre-call attempts and immediately block traffic that is identified as fraudulent. An unlimited number of scenarios can be analyzed for instances of fraud, including parameters such as time, frequency, call value, destination, origin and more.

“Telcos, especially their fraud management and revenue assurance teams, need to understand that the perpetrators of telecoms fraud today are using highly advanced cyber-hacking techniques to inject costly and damaging fraudulent telecommunications traffic and must adopt a proven cybersecurity approach to effectively combat fraud,” explained Arnd Baranowski, CEO of Oculeus. “We are proud to say that our Oculeus Anti-Fraud System is now an award winning technology that positions our telco customers to stop threats of telecom fraud within minutes, even seconds.”

Oculeus will be demonstrating its Oculeus Anti-Fraud Systems as well as its entire portfolio of OSS/BSS systems at the International Telecoms Week event in Chicago on May 6-9, 2018. Oculeus will be exhibiting at Booth #1512.