SD Worx Picks Talkdesk, Microsoft for contact center solution


Talkdesk, Inc. , a global enabler in providing contact centers to customer-driven businesses, and Microsoft have partnered to provide a contact center solution for SD Worx.

The leading European provider of staffing solutions chose Talkdesk with Microsoft Teams Connector because it offers a future-proof platform with improved stability that enables better customer experiences through richer collaboration with employees.

Based in Belgium, SD Worx has been providing staffing solutions across the entire employee lifecycle for more than 75 years. The company transforms Human Resources (HR) into a source of added value for its more than 80,000 customers in 150 countries worldwide. The company leaders are convinced that people are at the center of business success. SD Worx is driven by a desire to help not only its own 7,000-strong workforce thrive, but also the more than five million employees the company serves every month.

SD Worx’s existing contact center operates separate phone and case management platforms. These separate platforms, coupled with a combined inbound and outbound volume of more than a million customer calls per year, complicates the process for agents trying to gain customer insights while simultaneously answering customer queries. Talkdesk CX Cloud™, an end-to-end customer experience solution, will provide SD Worx with a modernized, cloud-based contact center platform that can grow with the business.

In addition, Talkdesk Microsoft Teams Connector™ will enable closer collaboration between contact center staff and other teams in the organization. Talkdesk for Salesforce™ will continue to streamline operations and create more opportunities for personalized interaction across channels. The Talkdesk solution, which offers deep integration with these key platforms, will allow SD Worx staff to support customers in a more targeted and efficient manner.

“When we design our contact center workflows, I always imagine myself as a customer,” said Yannick Lefever, SD Worx product owner. “Customer experiences come first. It is important to us that the entire journey is positive and productive for the customer, from inquiry to completion. Small details can make or break the experience for everyone involved. Talkdesk’s solution will provide a more seamless experience for SD Worx employees and customers by reconciling all details across platforms and customer touchpoints.”

“At Microsoft, we strive to exceed customer expectations,” said Mauro Xavier, general manager of partnership solutions at Microsoft. “Partnerships like the one we have with Talkdesk allow us to do just that. By integrating best-in-class software – Talkdesk CX Cloud and Microsoft Teams – we were able to offer SD Worx a unique value proposition, which is better collaboration and a better customer experience.”

“For any industry, particularly staffing solutions, a successful, customer-centric approach to contact center operations depends on the ability of contact center departments, teams and individuals to work together seamlessly,” said Tiago Paiva, chief executive officer at Talkdesk. “With the Talkdesk solution, SD Worx is prioritizing the types of collaboration across platforms that spark success among contact center agents, which translates into faster issue resolutions for customers. We are proud to partner with Microsoft and SD Worx and look forward to delivering exceptional customer experiences to millions of employees every month.”