Say Hello to Telia Dot: a modern choice for customers in Finland

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We know, of course, that consumers want to buy, consume and manage services digitally. And as of today, Telia in Finland offers consumers Telia Dot. It is not only the first digital mobile plan and application in Finland, it is the only mobile plan in the country that supports digital wellbeing.

In Telia Dot, all purchases, from usage and customer services to invoicing, are managed by the user themselves. The application is downloaded directly from the app store and then adapts to the user’s needs. The service is managed via the Telia Dot application, where the user can handle all their family’s mobile plans or connect other devices to the app, such as a tablet or a trail camera at the summer house.

“Although Finland has long been a pioneer in mobile technology, so far the mobile plans available in this country have been very conventional. For the first time ever, Finnish consumers who prioritise digital services and an easy user experience, have a choice,” says Telia Finland´s Jan Brantberg, head of new business areas.​

With Telia Dot, the customer only pays for what they use. If they do not use the subscription at all, or if they use only wifi, they will not receive invoices for Telia Dot. At the most, using Telia Dot will cost just one euro per day.

Furthermore, Telia Dot has a new kind of tools for promoting digital wellbeing. The application allows users to track active screen time and offers programmes that challenge users to reflect on their use of digital devices. In addition, the application offers the user, their family or even a group of friends a foundation for creating rules for using digital devices. For example, Telia Dot gives families the opportunity to agree on principles for phone use during common meals or for a certain time at night after which phones are not to be used again until the morning.

“Finns are clearly struggling with digital wellbeing. That is why we designed a whole system around this issue in Telia Dot. We want to help consumers create a more balanced relationship with their devices and to promote dialogue between family members. It is important to involve children in the conversation about digital wellbeing and the principles for the use of mobile devices,” Brantberg says.

He also refers to the nationwide Digital Wellbeing Survey, published by Telia Finland on Monday, which shows that more than 80 percent of Finnish parents are concerned about their family’s digital wellbeing and 60 percent about the time their children spend on their phones. Yet only 14 percent of families have discussed the way in which they use their phones.

Telia Dot has been developed in cooperation with users who participated in the service testing and experts of digital wellbeing, including Save the Children Finland.

“Telia Dot is a constantly evolving service. We continue to improve the service based on customer feedback and data, while collaborating with various experts. We already have new features in the pipeline,” Brantberg says.

The Facts: Telia Dot

– Telia Dot is a new kind of phone plan and application created for today’s customer needs. It is flexible according to the user’s needs and usage. Comparisons between the prices of different subscriptions or the call time and data usage they offer are no longer needed.

– The customer only pays when they use the subscription. Telia charges no more than 1 euro per day. The average user’s invoice is estimated at 20 euros.

– The first month of use is free.

– All customer interaction and phone plan management take place digitally via the Telia Dot application, which can be downloaded from the app store. The SIM card will be provided when a user decides to switch over to Telia Dot.

– The Telia Dot application allows users to manage all their family’s subscriptions or connect other devices to the app, such as a tablet or a trail camera at the summer house.

– Telia Dot helps users become more aware of their phone usage and promotes a more digitally balanced everyday life. The application’s Digital Wellbeing section includes tools for increasing the user’s personal and their family’s digital wellbeing (Visualisation of Your Usage, Challenges and Rules)