Ruckus Networks deploys wireless network for Hangzhou AiCai Group


Ruckus Networks, an ARRIS company, has deployed a wireless network infrastructure at the new headquarters of AiCai Group, a Hangzhou-based fintech enterprise.

Spanning a total of 10 floors of the office building, the new 802.11ac-powered network supports the increasing Wi-Fi demands and mobile access requirements for thousands of employees and visitors, delivering both uninterrupted network experience and secure visitor management system through visitor authentication. The stable and reliable wireless network boosts overall mobile office efficiency and is critical to the success of AiCai Group in the fast-developing fintech market in China.

Aicai Group Co., Ltd. is China’s leading provider of online fintech services with products focused on four areas including wealth management, consumer instalment financing, small and micro-finance and automobile financing. The company currently holds a valuation of over $1 billion USD, putting it among the ranks of China’s “unicorn” technology firms.

“Aicai is committed to adopting the latest technologies for consumer finance services targeting young Chinese professionals,” said a representative from AiCai Group. “Everyday we analyze tens of millions user data points through artificial intelligence and cloud computing, with most employees working through mobile terminals. A high-performance, reliable and secure wireless network is critical to our work and for growing market share.”

The representative said that the popularity of mobile terminals has made Wi-Fi a key channel to access the Internet in many Chinese offices today. “Network performance directly impacts employees’ work efficiency and satisfaction with their working environment,” he continued.

In Aicai Group offices with older wireless networks, users experienced low-data speeds and dropped connections when trying to access the network.

In the new premises, AiCai’s IT department wanted to improve the overall wireless network performance while addressing the challenges of secure access.

After careful selection, Hangzhou Xuben Technology Co., Ltd., the IT integrator of AiCai Group, recommended Ruckus Networks’ wireless portfolio for the new office installation.

“The high density of wireless terminals in the office can cause interference, which makes wireless access stability difficult to guarantee,” said Zhou Zhangfu, Technical Director of Hangzhou Xuben Technology Co., Ltd. “Ruckus’ solutions provide better anti-interference features and support for users in high-density environments, offering a better user experience in demanding network environments.”

The new AiCai Group headquarters spans 12,000-square meters, with over one hundred indoor Ruckus R600 access points (APs), along with two ZoneDirector™ 3000-series controllers. The 802.11ac-compatible APs include Ruckus’s patented BeamFlex+™ adaptive antenna technology that directs the antenna to point in the direction of client devices, expanding coverage and mitigating interference, while providing better indoor user experience in high-density environments.

In addition, Ruckus’s ZoneDirector 3000 controller interfaces with the AiCai Group’s Active Directory Server to provide secure 802.1X authentication for employees, while managing visitor access through visitor pass authentication or WeChat authentication.

The number of wireless clients connecting to the new wireless network has reached 1,300 concurrent users daily and is expected to reach 5,000 daily users in the future. The powerful and reliable wireless network also allows AiCai Group to run all important business applications safely and wirelessly.

“The high performance 802.11ac APs and ZoneDirector controllers enable our employees’ wireless terminals to connect seamlessly to the network, while also making wireless projection in the conference room possible. Overall, the total cost of ownership (TCO) of Ruckus’ solutions is very attractive,” said a senior management from AiCai Group,

Easy to install and deploy, AiCai Group has been able to save time, costs and manpower when they installed the Ruckus APs. The Ruckus ZoneDirector controller provides a graphical troubleshooting tool that makes it easy to analyze wireless environment when problems occur, making network management much simpler.

The Group’s wireless network also became more secure with manageable application identification and access controls, through Ruckus’s support for features such as 802.1X, portal authentication, and the ability to set access policies according to request.

“With an increasing number of employees using smart devices in offices, mobility has become an unstoppable trend. Ruckus’s efficient Wi-Fi and network solutions can support a wide range of businesses and transform any space into a reliable working environment, creating different network scenarios according to customers’ needs, thus improving overall productivity, execution capability and network security,” said David Deng, General Manager of Ruckus Networks China.

Ruckus Network has extensive experience in enterprise office network upgrades. Examples of prior successful deployment in domestic enterprises include China National Offshore Oil Corporation, Founder Electronics, Didi Chuxing, Xueersi, Mary Kay, WeWork, and ACEA Biosciences.