RTC Innovation: Ribbon Enriches Fabl’s Capabilities Powered by Kandy Live Support Wrapper


Ribbon Communications Inc., a global enabler in secure and intelligent cloud communications, has integrated its cloud-based Kandy Live Support Wrapper into Fabl’s design-driven cloud publishing platform.

“Marketers can now incorporate real-time communications into content-driven campaigns, enhancing engagement and accelerating the buying decision,” said Jeff Singman, Kandy’s Vice-President, Product. “Unlike outdated tools that frustrate users and slow the buying process, Live Support offers instant voice and video engagement with an expert, allowing them to get the information they need to make a buying decision.”

Kandy Live Support enables business websites with immersive, interactive support capabilities that allow companies of any size to provide efficient, productive customer service at the fraction of the cost of a traditional solution. Developers can add the Live Support button wherever it needs to appear on a website by embedding a single line of code.

“Nothing is more powerful as a call to action than click to buy, and combining this capability with a rich, immersive experience that tells a brand’s story is a truly powerful solution,” added Taj Forer, Fabl CEO. “We’re thrilled to be partnering with Kandy to further unlock the value and potential of cloud-based solutions.”

Kandy Wrappers are revenue-ready, pre-packaged, fully functional software applications that can be delivered standalone or inserted into a website or application to endow it with embedded real-time communications capabilities.

Kandy Wrappers allow Communications Service Providers, Independent Software Vendors or Enterprises to significantly reduce their implementation costs and efforts while accelerating their time to market.

Fabl’s platform streamlines content marketing, improving the user experience for marketers and the customers they engage. Fabl’s comprehensive offering includes targeting and distribution as a service, A/B testing and persona-based targeting which results in increased conversions.

Ribbon is showcasing its products and solutions at Mobile World Congress, Hall 2 Booth 2I31.