Rogers Supporting SMBs with Digital Transformation During Pandemic

Rogers Supporting SMBs with Digital Transformation During Pandemic

To mark Small Business Month this October, Rogers for Business launched new Small Business offers, from Business Internet to Advantage Mobility on Canada’s most reliable network, as new survey findings on the Angus Reid Forum show the strong impact connectivity and technology have played for Canadian small businesses over the past 18 months.

Of the 500 small businesses surveyed, 60% now conduct most of their business online, a 50% jump since before the pandemic, and 71% link business improvements to using connectivity and online solutions.

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Representing 40% of the country’s GDP and employing nearly 70% of private sector workers, Canadian small businesses make up 98% of businesses in Canada. These survey results demonstrate that for SMBs, digitizing their business has been key to their success throughout the pandemic and as they look to the future. Nearly all surveyed have adopted the use of technology – from wireless and wireline networks to e-commerce, digital marketing, online inventory management and collaboration tools – to keep their business running and adapt in new ways.

“Small businesses are the backbone of the Canadian economy and it has been truly impressive to see the countless ways they have adapted, evolved, and in many cases flourished throughout the pandemic,” said Ron McKenzie, President, Rogers for Business. “As Canadian small businesses rely on connectivity more than ever and with internet usage increasing nearly 50 per cent over the past year, we are proud to continue providing our customers with reliable, world-class connectivity and the tools and solutions to support their success.”

Tiptap, a Rogers for Business small business customer that provides a near field communication (NFC) enabled wireless receiver allowing for instant acceptance of any contactless payment or donation, is just one example of a Small Business that has embraced technology during the pandemic:

“Our work on tiptap stems from a place of empathy. During the pandemic, it was extremely important for us not to slow down as demand for charitable and fundraising services increased significantly. As the only technology offering a solution to cashless and touch-free charity, tiptap alleviates concerns of COVID-19 spread and bolstered donations when they mattered most,” said Chris Greenfield, CEO and founder of tiptap. “Our touchless solution uses a Rogers low bandwidth network (LTE-M) specifically designed for secure IoT solutions.”

Additional findings from the survey:

Reliance on connectivity: The vast majority of small businesses rely on connectivity: 88% of those surveyed use Internet; 82% use WiFi; 67% have wireless plans with cloud services

Reliability most important: 85% of small businesses rated reliability as a top priority when it comes to connectivity. Following reliability were privacy/security, speed, cost, and support

Online tools gain importance: 68% of small businesses increased their focus across at least one of the following categories during the pandemic: collaboration tools, online inventory management, e-commerce, online marketing, and traditional marketing

Investment in always-on connectivity: Nearly one third of small businesses increased their investment or newly invested in wireless backup

Work from home trends: 64% of small businesses have needed at least some of their employees to work from home as a result of the pandemic

As a result of working from home, 87% relied on online meeting tools like Microsoft Teams; 59% relied on collaboration tools
In recognition of Small Business Month, Rogers for Business is offering Small Businesses to Save Big This Small Business Month, with a number of offers on Advantage Mobility, Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams, reliable Business Internet and more.