Rogers debuts new 24 and 36-month device financing options


Rogers Communications announced is giving customers more choice, affordability and flexibility with new device financing options, allowing customers to choose either 24- or 36-month $0 down and interest free options.

The company also introduced new Rogers Infinite Canada + U.S. and non-share plans, giving Canadians even more reasons to go unlimited with no overage charges.

“We’re on a journey to deliver the best possible experience to our customers. They told us they want affordable and transparent options to get the latest wireless devices and that’s what we’ve introduced,” said Brent Johnston, President, Wireless Services. “Offering our customers three-year device financing means lower monthly payments – it’s the right thing to do for our customers.”

Device financing including 24- and 36-month $0 down and interest free options

According to a recent survey of Canadian wireless consumers three quarters say they want the option to pay for their device monthly rather than all at once. Starting today, with Edge FinancingTM, customers can get the latest smartphones, tablets or eSIM enabled smartwatches with affordable monthly payments over 24- or 36-month financing terms. At $0 down, interest free, the retail price of the device is paid through equal monthly payments. Customers have complete flexibility to make voluntary pre-payments, or pay off their financed devices in full at any time. In the coming months, customers will also be able to take advantage of our Upfront Edge program to further lower the monthly payment of their financed phone, when they return it after a two-year period.

Unlimited data across Canada and the U.S.

With Rogers Infinite Canada + U.S. plans, customers can access unlimited data at home or in the U.S., worry-free. The only plan of its kind in Canada, customers can use their unlimited data plan in both countries with no roaming fees. The Rogers Infinite plans include 10, 20 or 50GB of max speed data, with reduced speed thereafter to allow for simple browsing, social media or sending email or text messages.

Rogers Infinite plans give even more choice

Customers can now choose whether they want to split the max speed data with the other lines on their Rogers Infinite plan. The more lines added to a Rogers Infinite plan, the more data there is to share. Customers who prefer not to split their max speed data can choose a non-share option.

Device subsidy plan options

Customers can still choose one of our two year subsidy options, via our Edge Tab program, to subsidize all or part of the cost of their smartphone. Edge Tab – Edge 20, Edge 30 and Edge 40 – offers customers a discounted upfront price for their device with a variable amount of subsidy with each plan. For example, with Edge 20, customers pay $20 per month as part of their plan for $480 in discount on a 24-month term. After two years, customers can choose to switch to a Rogers Infinite plan with no tab.

The new Rogers Infinite plans and Edge Financing are part of a comprehensive multi-year program to invest and improve our customer experience. This includes significant investments in our networks, improvements in customer service, our retail store experience, technical operations, websites and mobile apps.

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