How ‘RF Router’ Can Script a RAN Revolution


By Zia Askari

At a time when telecom operators are keenly looking at ways to better meet the growing data challenge coming from various segments such as 4G services, OTT or a growing confluence of small cell technologies, RF Router solution by Canada based Dali Wireless can potentially revolutionize the RAN or Radio Access Network for operators.

As in today’s scenario, a legacy RAN infrastructure provides high capacity only in small areas or pockets of areas, it calls for big investments from operators to meet the ever growing data demands coming from different corners of customers located in different locations of a city. Taking a cue from this situation, virtualizing the Radio distribution network, RF Router by Dali Wireless can power high speed access through a very wide area of location such as a city.

Shawn Stapleton
Shawn Stapleton

“Most of the operators today are facing capacity crunch and this is also creating frustrating situations for their end customers. This happens because of most of the telecom infrastructure does switching of packets of information, rather than doing the routing of information. We have our RF Router which is all about virtualizing the RAN. This is providing end-to-end routing capability at the hands of operators,” explained, Shawn Stapleton, CTO, Dali Wireless.

Creating a unique value proposition for the operator community, the company is already engaged with a number of customers spread across various geographies.

“Our RF Router solution presents unique advantages and one of the big advantages comes from a reduction in TCO to drive size and scale for telecom operators. It is likely to deliver 40 to 50 per cent savings for operators and owing to these clear advantages, we are working with select customers in East Asia, North America, South America and Europe as well,” he added.

Eye on India

Keeping an eye on the Indian telecom market, the company is looking forward to working with some of the key telecom operators and creating its own mark in the Indian market.

“India is surely an exciting market for us and we are very closely monitoring the market today. Here there are operators who are working on multiple set of technologies and scenarios where there is a convergence of 2G, 3G, 4G and even Wi-Fi. Our solution is ideal for such scenario as it is completely technology agnostic and can work in any environment. We will be entering the Indian market at the right time,” he explained.

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