Review of White Wizard slot


Magic has always been somewhat of a fascinating subject for us humans, especially back in the days where our grasp on science was fairly limited, therefore leaving us with no choice but to conjure up alternative explanations for a wide variety of things. In fact, one could quite convincingly argue that our whole belief system is predicated on magic. That this whole network of different deities from various religions are intertwined with the early human need to make sense of their surroundings through magic rather than a, at the time, unachievable science. Magic, therefore, has been an essential part of human culture since pretty much the very beginnings of human culture, and maybe even before. It is true, however these days magic can take a bit of a backseat in human life, becoming something more useful for popular culture rather than a way of actually making sense of the world around us.

Who are we to complain though? Because without the emergence of magic in popular culture we would have way less exciting films, novels and performers. Oh yes that’s right, the art of magic performances, for instance, really kicked off during the 19th Century, with people such as the Great Houdini fascinating audiences with his tricks. More recently you have figures such as Derren Brown, David Blaine and Dynamo, all intent on bringing the awe-inspiring powers of magic to the masses. This is all well and good, but where magic is really visible these days is in the realm of film, especially in regard to the classic idea of wizards. Take the outrageously popular Harry Potter series, for instance, and it’s wonderful depiction of Dumbledore, or, indeed, the Lord Of The Rings trilogy in its presentation of Gandalf and Saruman. That classic idea of a wizard is still at the forefront of a lot of people’s minds, as proven by the online slot White Wizard by Eyecon. Is it any good? Let’s take a look – Check out White Wizard Slot.

About White Wizard and its Aesthetic 

So, as you may well have guessed from the title of White Wizard, as well as our rather magical introduction, this slot is purely preoccupied with the world of wizards and witches. It seems that Eyecon have gone with the classic Merlin style of wizarding aesthetic as well, as the background to this slot is covered in white stars on a blue background. It is, therefore, a more classic representation of the wizarding world, and one that actually feels really rather gentle and comforting. We enjoyed the aesthetic that Eyecon opted for, it made for a relaxing reel spinning sessions, something that could easily have been different if the developer opted for a more horror-influenced angle. 

As for the symbols during White Wizard – these are all also mainly preoccupied with the world of magic, ensuring that the theme is kept consistent and clear by Eyecon. The exception to the rule, of course, are the low paying symbols, and these are made up of playing card icons running from 9 to the Ace. Now this is nothing new in the online slot realm, with countless slot titles using the classic playing card symbols to designate lower value icons. The other symbols present in White Wizard are a wand, magic spell book, potion and unicorn, ensuring that this slot’s theme is still pretty consistent across the board. 

About White Wizard and its Bonus Features 

White Wizard also has its fair share of bonus features, something that is pretty essential in today’s online slot market. First off, you will want to look out for the symbol showing the white wizard himself anywhere on the 5 reel configuration, because he makes up the game’s wild symbol. As is usually the case, this can swap with anything else but the scatter to make a winning combination, and when it does so the reward is also tripled. The scatter symbol during White Wizard takes the shape of an impressive looking dragon, and when you have the good fortune to encounter this on the reels the prize is an incredibly juicy 15 to 25 free spins. If you want the most free spins you are going to have to hope for five dragons to appear all at once, something that may sound like a rarity but isn’t actually that uncommon. 

There are a few other features during White Wizard that you will certainly want to be aware of, with the Eyecon favourite gamble feature being one of them for sure. Now, are you left a little disappointed by some of the wins you make whilst playing online slots? Ever wish you could quadruple your earnings? Well, the gamble feature lets you try and do this, although we must warn you that if you are unlucky with it you will end up losing all of your cash. It works like this: all you have to do is guess the right suit of the next card to be drawn from a deck, and if you get it right you will quadruple your winnings. If you get the wrong suit but the right colour this will get doubled, but if you guess completely wrong you will lose everything! 

About Eyecon and Other Slots by Them 

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White Wizard: The Verdict 

Straight off the bat we enjoyed White Wizard’s comfortingly innocent wizard aesthetic, as it really reminded us of old cartoons such as the original Disney version of The Sword In The Stone. Luckily enough White Wizard also proved to be highly lucrative!