“Remoto is a connected car platform that can manage cars via smartphones”


Connected Car is a reality today and many car manufacturers are stretching limits of innovation by incorporating user friendly features that can deliver unique value proposition to their set of customers.

Remoto is a next generation connected car platform that is fast getting adopted by a number of car manufacturers, globally. Robert Schüßler, VP, Bright Box/Remoto speaks with Zia Askari from TelecomDrive.com about the company’s focus on certain geographies and the innovations that it is bringing to the market.

How does the company look at the Connected Car opportunity today?

The era of competition between car manufacturers based solely on technical features is over. Nowadays, competition is based on provided services and added value. The modern buyer chooses a car which can be accessed and controlled from a smartphone.

Remoto is what makes a car different and attracts the customer’s attention. Today we can cover the complete range of the connected car platform, including telematics and dealer mobility solutions, and help to connect the entire automotive ecosystem, OEM’s, car owners, dealerships and insurance companies.


We are about customer retention and increase business efficiency. We understand the common problems of OEMs and dealerships, because we have experience in consulting for this structures.

What are the key geographies that you are keenly looking at?

Remoto has already been successfully deployed by several automakers, including Infiniti, KIA, and Nissan. The “connected car” platform from bright box is in trial operation by many vehicle manufacturers around the world, from Europe through the Middle East to Asia. Previously, the platform was presented at Connected Car exhibitions in Amterdam, TU-Automotive in Berlin, Connected Vehicles in Shanghai, and the Frankfurt Motor Show. Now we are interested in Latin America market. Also at the end of the year we plan to launch a project in China.

Please share your go to market strategy for pushing your solutions and products in the market?

Remoto is a turnkey connected car platform that helps car owners to manage their cars remotely via smartphone (to start the engine, to open/close doors, for car tracking), provides big data for automotive OEMs and insurance companies, and informs them about car malfunctions, mileage, drivers behavior, road accidents, etc.

We make a competitive advantage with our solution – Increase sales of vehicles, accessories and spare parts, provision customers with unique and exclusive customer service, improve communications between car owners, the brand, and the dealership network. We are working with car manufacturers, offering the consumers facilities installation.


What are some of the big trends that you as a company are experiencing in the connected car space?

The most important trend at the moment is cyber security in the connected car. People need a stable platform without mistakes. Another big trend is including service of On-line music from the cloud. For example, Remoto solves the technological problem of making online music available, and takes in-car audio systems to the next level with no need to upgrade.

The automakers intend to make driving as comfortable as possible. And the end users should be always in touch with their cars.

And, of course, I would like to mention that most automotive companies think about Autonomous cars. We think the same way. And I promise that at the end of year we announce about some challenge of this field.

How do you look at telecom operators looking forward to venture into this space of providing connected cars solutions? Do you have any offering in this direction?

At the moment there are two important drivers that affect the development of Connected Car technology. The first is the increasing demand for wireless technology. The second factor is the regulatory rules required a telematics device in your car to improve safety. We work in these areas and negotiate with different telecom operators.

What kind of growth are you looking at in the coming year?

We are moving towards automated driving and development of mix solution of connected and automated vehicle. More and more car manufacturers are in a race of automated vehicle. We want to launch a new product for B2C market, to announce some agreements with new carmakers and, as I said, to offer solution for Autonomous cars market.

How do you look at countries such as India and China? What kind of strategy do you have to tap these markets?

The Indian market seems interesting. We already have a representative in India who are working on the development of the business. We plan the pilot projects for next year. As far as China is concerned, the sale of cars in times exceeds indicators in India. Now China’s market is a priority for many developers.

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