Redline, Future Technologies Align to Deliver Private LTE Networks

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Redline Communications Group Inc., a provider of wide-area wireless networks for the most challenging applications and locations, has recently partnered with Future Technologies Ventures, LLC to offer Future Technologies’ military customers Redline’s mobile LTE product line for tactical rapid deployment purposes.

“Through consultation with our existing military customers who currently operate their own private networks, it became clear they required a network evolution that is standards based and LTE was the best long-term path forward. We are seeing this convergence of thought with all of our customers across all vertical markets,” said Peter Cappiello, Future Technologies CEO.

“With this in mind, we wanted to use the best technology on the market. Redline became the obvious choice for us after we tested various vendors unsuccessfully. Redline clearly demonstrated they have the best-in-class technology on the market and the skills required to ensure the solution truly works. We were also impressed with Redline’s strong capability to deploy a full mobility LTE network including design, RF planning, deployment and commissioning. As a systems integrator, being able to leverage Redline’s service expertise enhances the overall quality of service we deliver to our customers,” Cappiello said.

Through this partnership, Future Technologies and Redline are jointly executing their first commercial LTE pilot for a military customer for use in disaster recovery, first responder and general tactical deployments. Redline’s technology is ideally suited for the deployable LTE market. The form factor of the EPC core and eNodeB makes it perfectly suited for deployable situations such as mobile military units, providing coverage for temporary or permanent camps, and many other environments where there is no fixed infrastructure or where fast deployment coverage is required.

In addition to this current pilot, Future Technologies has positioned Redline’s LTE product across their private network customer base, across several vertical markets including rail, first responders, military, utility, maritime and oil and gas.

“Redline is very pleased to work with Future Technologies as one of our Certified Partners as we grow our channel and focus on our LTE deployments,” says Redline CEO, Rob Williams. “Redline has found that LTE solutions require system integrators with advanced LTE expertise. We are delighted to have a world class partner in Future Technologies with the experience and capability to deliver full turn-key private LTE solutions.”