Receive PMI-ACP Certification: Become the Most Skilled Manager

Project management is often the utmost skill that the employers consider before hiring members of the management staff in any company. PMI-ACP certification has been designed to respond to the extreme proliferation of the Agile methodologies applied in the current projects.

Project management practitioners consider the Agile tools and techniques as the appropriate way to deliver projects successfully. It is due to its functionality to take into account the competency and training of the professionals.

PMI-ACP is obtained by attending the training course and passing the certification exam. Both the knowledge and the experience are recognized in this crucial certification.

What is Considered in the Exam Setting

PMI-ACP exam is extracted from the main course outline as it depicts the actual professional tasks in the project management setup. The exam covers a series of domains contributing to the total percentage of the main exam. Each section of the domain is attached to a certain percentage of the main exam depending on the concepts available in the domain. The high percentage symbolizes the highest applications of the skills learned. It is structurally split as seen below:

  • Agile Techniques and Applications (16%)
  • Value-oriented Delivery (20%)
  • Stakeholder Engagement (17%)
  • Teamwork Performance (16%)
  • Adaptive Planning and Management (12%)
  • Problem Analysis and Deployment (10%)

Requirements You Should Meet

Project management exam needs the candidates to have excelled in at least a high school degree. It is the formal requirement that is designed to be met by all applicants interested in PMI-ACP certification exam.

Furthermore, the basic project management experience of 2,000 hours is also a key requirement. These hours must have been gained in a period that is not less than 8 months within 3 years.

Lastly, the candidate must attend the respective training in Agile methodologies for 21 hours. During this period, the candidate will formalize with the various terminologies used in the project management field.

Perfect Audiences

PMI-ACP exam is designed for any individual who is working on the agile organization. It is highly recommended because this certification is a potential booster of job success and also opportunity revealer.

Anyone who had done a project management course that was based on theoretical training is the ideal audience also. PMI-ACP is based on the actual real-world entities and hands-on experience.

Why ACP Sounds Appropriate

PMI-ACP certification equips you with ultimate skills on the Agile applications and tools. The candidates gain the advanced knowledge of Agile practices that are latest and most demanded in the project market.

Moreover, PMI-ACP certification is an implication that one has the professional ability to effectively deliver in an Agile adopting organization. Agile tasks need a highly skilled professional to administer

Lastly, the certification equips you with the most important skills to plan and estimate the project’s cost based on the Agile techniques. The Agility management helps to run the projects at an effective cost.

Guide to Let You Strive and Shine

ACP certification is hard to crash and needs extra efforts to be applied. The majority of the candidates who fail lack the guidance that can help them how to pass the exam. The tips are not the answers that one can use during the exam but a guideline on how to prepare well and later apply the knowledge gained. The following are the utmost tips that have been reviewed by many candidates positively:

  • Avoid Cramming

PMI-ACP certification needs the candidates to embrace the understanding rather than blindly cramming concepts that would not help during the exam. The solid knowledge is gained during the hands-on experience. Whenever you practice every concept then it means you have barely scored some marks in the exam.

  • Invest

Investing does not mean having tangible assets only. How do we invest in this exam? There are many platforms entrusted with the provision of ACP revision materials but can only be accessed by paying the service fee as a way of appreciating their work. It is advisable to have this practice exam in order to get familiar with the actual exam setup.

  • Use Recognized Exam Resources

There are many platforms that offer exam materials but you need to be careful on the quality of the exam they offer. Some exam dumps might be outdated and cannot help you in the revision. The certification courses are always updated to meet the market needs. This implies that if you do a practice exam for the outdated version then you will definitely fail.

  • Have a Rest at the Last Hour

You do not need to study till the exam time has dropped near. The study you have had several days or weeks before the exam is enough to make you pass. Straining oneself at the eve of the exam is not a healthy practice because it can make you confuse the steps and terminologies related to Agile practices.

  • Have a Positive Thinking

There is always power in positive thinking and imagination because the belief that you have on yourself impacts a lot in your life’s progress. Positive thinking builds self-confidence that is the key to excellence.

Illuminating Training Materials

Additionally, the recommended training is a good tool to use while preparing for the exam. Training makes you to understand the various concepts that are going to be tested at the exam.

Exam Dumps to Utilize Effectively

Alternatively, the exam practice tests are beneficial too. They help in self-assessment and let you know the areas to emphasize on. Provided below practice tests are from the entrusted vendors then every candidate using them will definitely pass. Some preferred resources are:


PMI-ACP certification is more engaging than any other project management exam. Besides, every concept is related to the current technology update in the business arena. PMI-ACP certified professional will be limited to any project management task because the certification cut across every important concept. Study hard and pass PMI-ACP exam on the first try!