AccelerateOTT: Igniting Innovation, Driving Entrepreneurial Spirit


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Creating a unique business-friendly environment for Ottawa’s startup ecosystem – AccelerateOTT brings together the city’s innovators, creators and inventors on a single platform.

Since 2012, Invest Ottawa has ignited the Accelerate series in Ottawa, providing a conference that fuels the entrepreneurial fire. was part of the AccelerateOTT event on June 13th and the day was packed with world-class speakers, power networking breaks and interesting discussions around innovations and future of technology deployments.

                        Blair Patacairk

Blair Patacairk, VP, Global Expansion, Invest Ottawa, informed, “The idea behind our organization is we bring in young companies, we mentor them with entrepreneurs, we mentor them with our professional services and help them grow big. We also invite FDI, we invite companies in from around the world to soft land in our ecosystem in Invest Ottawa and we help them grow into great companies in Canada. Syntronics is a great example. We attracted this company to Ottawa and they have grown quite rapidly to over 200 people now. We also invited Amazon here and now they have a group of people here. This is also the home to significant global innovators, companies like Mitel or Shopify.”

                    Simon Morris

Simon Morris, CEO, IRYStec, said, “We are proud to be part of AccelerateOTT and we are introducing what we call perceptual processing. This is a new form of display processing technology that is going to change the way we look at mobile screens,”

               Jean Charles Fahmy

Jean Charles Fahmy, CEO, CENGN, explained, “I am delighted to be here at this special occasion of AccelerateOTT. CENGEN’s mission is to help Canadian startups and small and medium enterprise commercialize their innovation. We do that by building technology platform where we can host these companies to come and do projects with us. some of our current technology focus includes, new solutions in next generation networking, open networking in cloud and data center networking as well as mobile solutions, IoT and 5G.”

Invest Ottawa is the lead economic development agency for Canada’s Capital Region and it is supporting AccelerateOTT 2018 as its flagship annual entrepreneurship conference that convenes Ottawa’s entrepreneurs, start-ups, and scale-up companies.

Ottawa and Canada more widely are leading the world in sectors including life sciences, communication technology, transportation and events like AccelerateOTT create an innovative setting to showcase future-ready technologies and build on the business momentum.

The author traveled on invitation to Ottawa to attend AccelerateOTT

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