Rakuten Debuts ‘Rakuten Points Mall’ Online Points Portal

Rakuten Logo

Rakuten, Inc. has launched the Rakuten Point Mall, an entertainment-focused online points portal that enables users to earn Rakuten Points through a variety of games and other interactive content.

Visitors to Rakuten Point Mall will encounter a variety of themed content designed to provide fun and interactive ways to earn Rakuten Points.

On the tropical island-themed Game Island and Shopping Island, users can earn Rakuten Points by playing fun and intuitive games, such as Treasure Bingo or an ancient ruins-themed version of the Japanese classic board game “Sugoroku,” as well as by clicking on banners and purchasing products.

Users can also earn an additional Rakuten Point every day by completing all five missions in the daily Stamp Rally, which include simply logging in, or even win up to 10,000 points a day through the Daily Chance lucky draw.

Recently, the use of loyalty points as a way to save money and the apps and sites that help users to earn those points have been in the spotlight. Rakuten Point Mall offers users a variety of fun and engaging ways to earn Rakuten Points.

There are plans to add new content to the site and strengthen tie-ups with other Rakuten Group services in order to improve convenience and customer satisfaction going forward.

Rakuten will continue to create engaging new services that users can enjoy while earning Rakuten Points.

Rakuten Points is Rakuten’s loyalty points program. A total of 1.6 trillion Rakuten Points have been issued to date (as of the end of December 2019).

Rakuten Points can be used to shop on the Rakuten Ichiba internet shopping mall, to book accommodation through Rakuten Travel, and on other services across the Rakuten Group.

Through the Rakuten Point Card shared point service, Rakuten Points can also be used offline at service stations, convenience stores, pharmacies, restaurants and other stores affiliated with the service.

Rakuten Group provides more than 70 services both in Japan and around the world across a variety of fields including e-commerce, fintech digital content and communications.

These services are organically connected through a single membership ID and loyalty points program, Rakuten Points, to form the Rakuten Ecosystem.