Radisys Unveils Advanced FR1 4T4R 5G Solution on Qualcomm

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Radisys® Corporation, a global enabler of open telecom solutions, has unveiled its award-winning 3GPP Release-17 compliant Connect RAN 5G FR1 software solution on the Qualcomm® FSM200 5G RAN Platform (FSM200xx), with advanced SA and NSA features including support for multiple bands (including CBRS bands) and high data throughput.

Radisys’ Connect RAN FR1 solution bridges the gap in the availability of a multi-carrier 4T4R RAN solutions for outdoor small cell and compact macro industry segments. Along with the Qualcomm FSM200xx baseband and advanced high-power radio capabilities, the Connect RAN 5G FR1 solution offers an efficient small cell design with low compute and memory requirements for high capacity and throughput.

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This solution has a ready-to-deploy feature set and can help customers address mobile network operators’ (MNOs) requirements for compact macro and private 5G, enterprise, fixed wireless access (FWA) and Industry 4.0 requirements with small cell solutions to reduce their time-to-deployment and capital and operating expenses.

Radisys has an industry-leading small cell software portfolio for both Sub6 and mmWave solutions based on Qualcomm FSM100 5G RAN Platform (FSM100xx).
Its latest Connect RAN 5G software release introduces new additions to this portfolio for high capacity, high performance small cell/compact macro supporting concurrent SA and NSA deployment modes for both outdoor and indoor environments based on Qualcomm FSM200xx baseband.

Radisys’ FR1 solution, integrated with the FSM200xx baseband and radio, is optimized with CU, DU software on a single ARM processor that leverages on-chip accelerators to provide peak performance. The solution can be deployed as an all-in-one or with 3GPP standard Option-2 CU-DU split with flexible packaging options.

The solution supports 256+ subscribers, multi-carrier aggregation in various bandwidth combinations with 4T4R configuration and delivers advanced features like Neutral Host (MOCN) and CBRS and is extensively tested and interoperable with a variety of commercial UEs and CPEs.

The solution provides comprehensive FCAPS for manageability with TR-069 / TR-196 and NETCONF / ORAN O1. This is designed to enable ease of integration with both legacy ACS and new ORAN management systems.

Radisys’ collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies supports advanced Release-16 and Release-17 features like eURLLC, NR positioning and NR-U on the Qualcomm FSM200 5G RAN Platform.

“Radisys is pleased to extend its collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies to launch this advanced first-to-market multi-carrier, high capacity, high throughput solution,” said Munish Chhabra, SVP and General Manager, Software and Services at Radisys. “This solution makes the advanced features of Radisys 5G RAN Small Cell software with the Qualcomm FSM200 5G RAN Platform baseband widely available and enables our customers to accelerate deployments of next-generation small cell and compact macro solutions with differentiated services and deployment options.”

“Qualcomm Technologies’ ongoing collaboration with Radisys continues to deliver innovative solutions that meet the power, cost and size requirements for indoor and outdoor deployments,” said Gerardo Giaretta, Vice President, Product Management, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. “The integration of Connect RAN 5G FR1 software solution on the Qualcomm FSM200 5G RAN Platform provides OEMs and operators with the flexibility to deploy next-generation indoor and outdoor small cell networks at scale for a growing number of Industry 4.0 use cases.”