Quali, Amdocs Partner to Drive Innovations in DevOps, LaaS

Quali, Infrastructure Automation at Scale ™, has announced a global collaboration with Amdocs, a provider of software and services for communications and media companies. The collaboration, which covers culture, people, processes and technology, is designed to help customers transition to DevOps and Lab as a Service (LaaS).

The agreement increases time-to-market for customers by combining Amdocs’ extensive business, innovation and technology strategy capabilities with Quali’s unique continuous infrastructure management platform, bridging the gap between technical and non-technical testers, developers and IT staff at large Scale and closes with full control and monitoring.

“Amdocs is a leader in the communications and media industry. Our collaboration with Amdocs aligns well with our corporate values ​​and offers our customers unmatched value, “said Jason Lee , VP of Global Channels at Quali.” This new collaboration opens up new opportunities not only for our leadership and brand, but also for ours joint contribution to innovation in the area of ​​5G and beyond. ”

Quali’s CloudShell is the only LaaS solution with proven, mega-scale, mission-critical deployments chosen by hundreds of leading tier 1 companies, service providers and corporations. In addition, Quali Colony was recently named a finalist for DevOps Dozen 2020 by DevOps.com, as it can relieve application teams of the time and complexity of building and operating the cloud infrastructure, so teams finally have the opportunity to deliver great software develop.

“Amdocs is a leader in the automation of network and service processes for the cloud, 5G and the age of hybrid networks. Together with Quali, we offer remarkable value to innovators in the telecommunications and web space to move beyond the constraints and complexities of the infrastructure of the past and innovate in services, “said Parag Shah , customer manager at Amdocs.