Qualcomm Unveils Wi-Fi SON Solutions to Simplify Wi-Fi Networking Experience


Qualcomm has launched Qualcomm Wi-Fi SON, delivering a set of differentiation features for networking products that power smart gateways, wireless routers, range extenders and access points in conjunction with several OEMs, including Airtight, Asus, D-Link, Linksys and TP-Link.

Qualcomm Wi-Fi SON is aimed at simplifying Wi-Fi networking in the home and office while optimizing end-to-end performance and offering the best user experience. Key features include:
Self-configuring that enables plug-and-play deployment
Self-managing that offers autonomous performance optimization
Self-healing actively detects and resolves connectivity bottlenecks
Self-defending that secures the network from unauthorized access

Qualcomm Wi-Fi SON is currently available for product integration, allowing OEMs to differentiate their services and further show industry leadership.

“Qualcomm Atheros is at the forefront of bringing innovations that offer seamless connectivity to users,” said Gopi Sirineni, senior director of product management, Qualcomm Atheros, Inc. “Qualcomm Wi-Fi SON is one such initiative, which provides a comprehensive set of solutions to simplify the deployment of Wi-Fi networks in homes and offices, while also providing the best performance and experience to users.”

“Seamless user experience is mission critical to public Wi-Fi. Automating the management, optimization and security is a basic need,” said Rick Wilmer, chief executive officer, Airtight. “Qualcomm Wi-Fi SON will help us deliver cloud managed Wi-Fi services to our customers with minimal interruptions and in a cost-efficient way.”

“With multiple Wi-Fi spectrum bands and many technology options, installing and managing home Wi-Fi networks is getting increasingly complex. There is a need to make it easier and more user friendly. We applaud Qualcomm Atheros’ holistic approach in solving this challenge through their Qualcomm Wi-Fi SON solutions that not only simplify the installation, but also maximize the performance of home networks,” said Tenlong Deng, vice president, networking and wireless devices business unit, ASUSTEK COMPUTER INC.

“Providing excellent coverage everywhere in the home is D-Link’s priority,” said AJ Wang, chief technology officer, D-Link. “Our whole-home coverage concept, powered by Qualcomm Wi-Fi SON, is a major step in that direction. We are excited to receive the CES Innovation Award recognizing D-Link’s efforts in bringing best user experience to users.”

“Today’s homes are becoming more connected than ever before with Smart TVs, game consoles, smart phones, tablets, computers as well as connected appliances, lighting and security driving the Internet of Things revolution,” said Justin Doucette, director of product management, Linksys. “Our customers expect to enjoy the benefits of these connected devices in a seamless manner with optimal performance to provide a reliable blanket of Wi-Fi throughout the home.”

“Qualcomm Wi-Fi SON enables us to take the complexity out of our customer’s sight, making it easy to connect and enjoy the Wi-Fi no matter where they are and what apps services they are using,” said Andy Chen, vice president, TP-Link International.