PTron launches “Xoto 7” smartwatch with Bluetooth earphones!


Exclusively on – Moving away from conventions, Xoto 7 is made for the My Luxury generation that is looking for personalized experiences and also value for money

PTron launches “Xoto 7”, a Bluetooth smart watch with Bluetooth earphones.

This is in line with PTron’s strategy of continuously innovating and introducing unique products to meet rapidly changing customer needs and demands that are moving towards personalization and individualism – especially for the ‘My Luxury’ generation who are moving away from acquisitive predispositions towards personal needs like affordability and sustainability.

The sales of Xoto 7 will commence from 1st Jun 2017 exclusively on As per a report, the global smart watch market has a potential to reach $32.9 billion by 2020, registering a CAGR of 67.6% during 2014 – 2020.

Xoto 7 is a perfect combination of smart watch and Bluetooth earphones, just with a little push of a finger it can turn into Bluetooth earphones which is the USP of this Bluetooth smart watch. PTron Xoto 7 will be available in gold color.

To ensure the product remains affordable to the customer’s at large, also comprising Generation Z taking care of their #MyLuxury consciousness, it is priced attractively at just INR 1999! The idea of ‘MyLuxury’ defining the young aspiration is simple –– conventional brands can no longer command the same value as they did with the previous generation –– hence decreeing a new era of individual choices based on what brands mean personally to them on their own terms.

Features and specifications:

2 in 1 smart wrist wear, Bluetooth smart watch and detachable Bluetooth earphones

Attractive mirror like finish with PU leather strap

0.86” OLED touch screen display

Bluetooth 3.0+

Supports iOS 6.1 above and Android 4.3 above

Standby/talk time – 8 hours

60 mAh polymer battery

Charging time – 2 hours

Hands free calls, listen to music, sleep monitor, video display and many more

Ameen Khwaja, Founder and CEO of said, “Indian smart watch market is flooded with latest technological innovations. PTron is a well established name in the mobile and tech accessories segment, due to its innovative product range. Xoto 7 proves PTron’s ability to offer unique products at affordable prices keeping in mind the dynamic needs of the ‘My Luxury’ generation. Built on bedrock of unabashed individuality and technological soundness, this generation dispels traditional brand ideals and aspirations by crafting their own needs based on quality, value and personal excitement. Moreover, a key feature of the smart watch is that you can detach the Bluetooth earphones from the smart watch to make or receive phone calls. In the coming months there will be many more exclusive PTron product launches on”