Computex 2017: The Story of Digital Future and Beyond


Spotlight on COMPUTEX 2017 |

Driven by the fast moving confluence of social, mobile, cloud, big data and growing demand for anytime anywhere access to information, technology is disrupting all areas of the business enterprise. And disruption is taking place across all industries and in all geographies.

Happening in Taipei, Computex 2017 is one of the biggest expositions when it comes to showcasing prowess of computing. Whether it is next generation gaming or high octane computing, companies such as Intel, AMD, MSI, ASUS, Biostar, etc are showcasing their next age products and how they envision future.

This is an IoT Era

Not only at the end customer level, there are enormous opportunities for enterprises to take advantage of connected devices enabled by the “Internet of Things” to capture vast amounts of information, enter new markets, transform existing products, and introduce new business and delivery models.

On the other hand, the evolution of the digital enterprise also presents significant challenges, including new competition, changing customer engagement and business models, unprecedented transparency, privacy concerns and cybersecurity threats.

Technology is also changing the ways that people work, and is increasingly enabling machines and software to substitute for humans.

Enterprises and individuals who can seize the opportunities offered by digital advances stand to gain significantly, while those who cannot may lose everything. Some of the next generation computing being showcased at the Computex 2017 is throwing light on what future holds as far as computing is concerned.

Companies to Watch Out for Computex 2017


Acer is showcasing its next generation in PC computing – including its Nitro 5 gaming laptop as well as its Acer Spin 1 2-in-1 laptop and new Android tablets with Quantum Dot displays.


AMD will showcase its Vega graphics cards and users can experience the future of PC gaming on AMD hardware.


Asus ROG has teased a gaming laptop powered by Ryzen to be shown at Computex 2017.

There is a long list of companies such as Intel, Nvidia, MediaTek, Leadtek etc – unveiling what they believe will be the path towards a digital future.