PtP Innovations: Proxim Debuts ProximVision Advanced 2.0 Hybrid Controller


Proxim Wireless Corporation, a global enabler of advanced Wi-Fi, point to point (PtP), and point to multipoint (PtMP) radio systems has unveiled ProximVision® Advanced 2.0, a major upgrade to the world’s first Het Net Hybrid Controller ProximVision® Advanced (PV A).

The latest release brings additional functionality offloading day to day network operations and maintenance tasks to PV A. With more features targeting client use in the network, PV A 2.0 also brings increased visibility and detail in how the networks are being utilized.

“Management of our Proxim devices has been tremendously improved thanks to PV A 2.0. Diagnosis of any cabling or intermittent connection issues has been improved. We can discover issues before the customer even calls in reporting an issue. Any mass change that has required hours of work in the past is now much quicker for us.” – said Matt Haverfield, Network Analyst, Illinois Electric Cooperative.

“As we deploy more ORiNOCO® Access Points throughout Thailand, we have found PV A to be an exceptionally powerful and easy to use Hybrid Network Controller,” says Chaiyanan Charoenpanit, Managing Director, CYN.

PV A 2.0 offers a long list of features and improvements to help network teams efficiently utilize their network, improve system performance and at the same time simplify monitoring and management. In indoor environments, Auto Channeling (including Auto Tx Power) periodically sweeps operating frequencies and assigns client devices to less congested channels, based on current availability and usage of the channels. Additional features include Load Balancing and Band Steering for higher access point efficiency and performance by pushing dual band capable client devices to 5GHz frequencies. In addition, authentication of Tsunami® devices has been drastically streamlined with Windows Server and a built-in RADIUS feature.

“PV A 2.0 unlocks a whole new set of possibilities. We foresee the need for a unified management/controller platform that harmonizes all the disparate technologies operating in a wireless network.” – said David Sumi Senior Vice President Marketing, Proxim Wireless. PV A is aptly positioned for this requirement. The modular architecture of PV A enables us to build and stack next generation technologies that adjust and adapt networking systems for high system performance and throughput.”

PV A 2.0 also offers centralized management, analytics, diagnostics, and monitoring for the client devices managed in an organization — from iPads to Mobile devices and PCs. This includes positioning devices on the map tracking them on the move.