How Private Cloud Can Reinvigorate VAS for Operators


At a time when operators are looking towards better managing their operating and capital expenditures, innovation holds the big key towards reaching to the end customers with better value added services or VAS.

In this scenario, telecom oriented cloud based architecture can play a big role towards realizing the full potential of customer sets for the operators. As experts close to the industry believe, moving forward most of the telecom operators will choose to run their virtualized services platforms within the well defined boundaries of a “private cloud,” where physical machines belong to the network and a pool of applications are simultaneously made running on virtualized servers.

As part of this telecom cloud solution, operators can position private cloud for multi-VAS architecture wherein different VAS applications can share the same hardware infrastructure facilitated by private cloud. And these virtualized servers can enable related services to seamlessly request more capacity from the network whenever there is a traffic surge.

In present scenario, value-added services liable to experience traffic peaks are usually being duplicated within the operator network. This can be corrected with the help of private cloud which can better utilize the telecom network infrastructure and create better value for the customers.

In such scenario, when the network traffic is stable, the cloud driven VAS can remain inactive and hence the operator costs stay close to zero while at peak instances, traffic can be redirected to the cloud driven VAS. This way, operators VAS driven service downtime is reduced to a minimum and at the same time their on-premise infrastructure is sized according to average traffic levels.

Even though it is not delivering huge benefits to the operators at present, Value Added Services is still a great medium and tool for operators to let their set of different class of customers create better experiences of their own and benefit from such platforms. When coupled with cloud, such VAS systems can surely deliver the experience while saving costs for the operators as well.

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