Pietro Fiorentini Partners with Huawei to Unveil NB-IoT Smart Gas Meter


Leveraging the Joint NB-IoT Open Labs of Huawei with Mobile Network Operators, Pietro Fiorentini Paves the Way for NB-IoT Smart Gas Metering in Europe

Pietro Fiorentini, a pioneer in NB-IoT for Smart Meters, said its RSE model Smart Gas Meter with 3GPP NB-IoT enabled connectivity has met European Union approvals. It becomes the first Smart Gas Meter with NB-IoT connectivity on the market to bear the EU’s RED (Radio Emission Directive), MID (Measuring Instrument Directive) and ATEX (Installations in Explosive atmosphere) approvals.

Pietro Fiorentini’s NB-IoT version of the RSE Smart Gas Meter, jointly developed with Huawei and Terranova Software.

Huawei’s “GLocal” (Global Local) IoT ecosystem, to support the growth of NB-IoT technology through partnerships with industry specialists, supported the product’s development. As part of this ecosystem, Huawei’s joint NB-IoT Open Labs working with European carriers provided Pietro Fiorentini with a pre-integration testing environment to explore the potential capabilities of NB-IoT as well as integration of the end-to-end solution ahead of the trial and commercial phases. Terranova Software provided additional expertise by jointly developing the NB-IoT specific Data Acquisition System, Meter Data Management and Network Manager to ensure seamless connectivity and overall solution integration.

Utility companies can now manage their networks in a more efficient and transparent way for their customers. Utilities using this technology will be able to develop a better informed and responsible consumption model. Pietro Fiorentini has already carried out successful trials of its NB-IoT Smart Gas Meter in Italy, Spain, China, Portugal, Iran, Sweden, Ireland, Lithuania, Estonia and Poland.

Cristiano Nardi, Executive Chairman of Pietro Fiorentini, said: “We are proud of being the first company in getting the full set of approvals necessary to introduce an NB-IoT smart gas meter to the market. We are ready now for massive production in our factories in Italy and China.”

“Huawei has helped telco carriers prepare for the commercial adoption of NB-IoT in most of the WEU countries,” said Jiang Wangcheng, President of Huawei’s IoT Solutions. “NB-IoT is invaluable and strategic for vertical sectors such as utilities. The EU Member States have committed to rolling out close to 45 million smart gas meters, and almost 40% of European consumers will have one by 2020. Huawei is committed to creating a bigger connectivity market so that leading industry players like Pietro Fiorentini as well as utilities can benefit from new opportunities, cost efficiencies and services. The fact that our Huawei IoT Open Labs are helping more partners’ onboarding to join the ecosystem fully demonstrates our commitment.”