Orange Performs AI Test with Huawei on its DWDM Network in Spain

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Orange Spain and Huawei announced recently that the pilot deployment of a 400G/wavelength WDM link in Orange network was completed successfully.

The completion marks the first pilot deployment of 400G/wavelength both in Spain and inside Orange Group. In addition, Orange Spain has been one of the very first Service Providers to test innovative AI-based tools to help and enhance their Operation and Maintenance in the Optical Domain while providing the foundation towards Automation in its Transport Network.

Orange Spain is a leading telecom operator in Spain, providing high-quality fixed and mobile communication services to its customers. Currently, Orange Spain optical FTTH network has reached 14 million households, leading FTTH net adds for the last 3 years. Orange Spain has been also leading 4G customers in Spain from the beginning of 4G network deployment, with 10 million customers choosing Orange Spain’s 4G network for their mobile services.

Moreover, Orange Spain has been investing in infrastructure networks for a long time and has continuously innovated on network technologies. In 2018, Orange Spain and Huawei jointly took the lead in building the North-East Ring 200G network system. This pilot deployment of 400G/wavelength and AI test of Optical Line Health Prediction reflects Orange Spain’s continuous evolution and innovation in the optical network field.

Manuel Sánchez, Network Planning Director at Orange Spain, pointed out: “This joint test is very important for Orange. We have been seeking for technological innovation to efficiently and reliably expand our network bearing capabilities, thereby providing the best service for customers. Based on the new 400G/wavelength and AI-based Intelligence O&M technologies, Orange has confidence in providing high-quality connections to accommodate the yearly increasing traffic growth and to prepare the network for future evolutions such as 5G”.

Richard Jin, President of Huawei Transmission & Access Product Line, said: “Huawei has maintained its technological innovation in the optical network field and promoted the optical network industry to the Optical Networking 2.0 era. The successful pilot deployment of 400G/wavelength and testing of Optical Intelligence (OI) are the full verification of Huawei’s Optical Networking 2.0 solution. In the future, we will keep on supporting Orange Spain in coping with service challenges in the 5G era to achieve its business success.”