Orange joins the ULE Alliance to drive its “connected home” offering

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At the annual DECT Forum and ULE Alliance meeting in Nuremberg, Orange has announced its membership of the ULE Alliance. This decision follows on from the Group’s decision to focus on the use of ULE technology to manage the connectivity of objects within its future “connected home” service in France.

To enable its customers to easily manage connected objects in their homes in a secure way, Orange is set to launch a new “Connected Home” service in France this spring. By choosing the ULE technology for this service, close to three million homes which are already equipped with the latest Livebox will be able to use the service from launch without the need for any additional equipment.

This offer, which will be available at no extra cost, will enable users to manage connected objects in their homes through a single mobile application or through Orange future voice assistant, Djingo.

At launch a wide range of ULE-compatible connected objects will be marketed under the Orange brand name. This includes a movement detector, a smart plug, a smart light bulb and a door or window-opening sensor. These objects were developed in partnership with Deutsche Telekom.

The use of the ULE protocol provides several additional benefits including low power consumption, extended indoor coverage and a particularly simple installation procedure.

“We are convinced that the ULE protocol is the best available technology and one that will greatly facilitate the adoption of connected home usages among our customers. Orange is now joining Deutsche Telekom within the ULE Alliance and will work alongside the other members to build a fully-fledged industrial ecosystem. Over 5 million customers of Orange and Deutsche Telekom are already equipped with ULE-compatible routers and will be able to connect to a wider range of connected objects specially designed for use in the home,” says Sylvaine Aublanc, Smarthome Marketing Director at Orange.

“I am very happy to welcome Orange among our members,” says Ulrich A. Grote, Chairman of the ULE Alliance. “As a major European operator, I am confident that Orange’s leadership will bring substantial value to the ULE Alliance and the growing worldwide adoption of the ULE technology. Orange’s increased activities in the Alliance will certainly help us as we look to expand the ULE standard’s conformance and interoperability in the Smart Home market.”