Orange Ivory Coast Picks Comarch to Drive IT Transformation

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The Ivory Coast unit of French telecoms group Orange, the West African nation’s mobile telco industry leader, signed an IT transformation agreement with Comarch, designed to deliver better digital experience to the growing base of mobile and fixed services end-customers in a highly dynamic and challenging market.

The project is part of a bigger Orange Group initiative: the creation of the “Order-to-Bill” platform which should be configured, delivered, and then provided to other Orange Group affiliates within the EMEA region. The concept is to create a TMF-compliant solution (in line with Open Digital Architecture and Open API) with standardized process and product modelling that can be deployed quickly by third parties across Orange African units.

For that reason, the Orange Group has from the very beginning supported this solution and will be collaborating closely and following up on the project.

As part of the partnership, Comarch will deliver modules such as Comarch Order Capture, Customer Order Management, Product Catalog and Convergent Billing System. The Comarch solution will be deployed on Orange premises using Orange Private Cloud infrastructure.

Comarch will deploy a pre-configured platform, which will then be further configured and integrated with the local systems of Orange Ivory Coast. All this with the help of a local system integrator, with whom we’ll be in close collaboration as well.

Thanks to the solutions provided by Comarch, Orange Ivory Coast will receive a single order-taking portal for all business lines, and a unified product modelling engine with the opportunity that supports the one-invoice concept.

Orange Ivory Coast and Orange Group chose Comarch due to its out-of-the-box approach with built-in processes and readiness to deliver in accordance with Orange’s standards, as well as its flexibility to work with a system integrator. The new solution will benefit Orange Ivory Coast by simplifying order management, centralizing the product catalog and providing a more convergent billing system.

“We are glad that Orange Ivory Coast has trusted Comarch’s systems. Our mission is to increase customer satisfaction by providing modern and efficient business management solutions, and the products that will be implemented only confirm this. Thanks to these, it will be easier for Orange Ivory Coast to manage new product launches and simplify business processes”, says Jacek Lonc, Head of Telco Sales and Business Strategy Division at Comarch.

Patrick N-Doua, CIO at Orange Ivory Coast says: “Orange Ivory Coast is currently engaged in a growth strategy across all its subsidiaries. However, competition is intensifying, and the expectations of customers and business are increasingly strong. In this context, the main challenge for our IS is to become more flexible in order to adapt more rapidly to business challenges. This project is a strategic challenge for Orange Ivory Coast, and should contribute to: conquering new markets, resisting the competition, controlling costs, simplifying and making the IS more agile and strengthening digitization.”