Orange Belgium Debuts Love Duo, the mobile, fixed internet pack intended for cord-cutters

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In keeping with its bold challenger role, Orange Belgium is once again offering consumers a choice. Henceforth they will only pay for the services they really need.

Love Duo is a mobile subscription à la carte, to which is added the fixed internet access for packs costing between 42 and 64 euros, depending on the desired volumes of voice and data.

After launching the first unlimited mobile subscription in Belgium, Orange Belgium went and did it again with the first unlimited convergent offer. Since its launch, the Love offer has succeeded in attracting over 200,000 customers, upending the convergent offers market in its wake.

Orange Belgium is now attacking one of the main nodal points of the Belgian telecom market by launching Love Duo, a pack including only a mobile subscription and ultrafast and unlimited fixed internet. An offer intended first and foremost for “cord-cutters”, those increasingly numerous consumers who watch little or no traditional television and primarily consume contents available online, notably via streaming platforms such as VRT NU, Auvio, Stievie, Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, etc.

Adapting to the new modes of consumption

Thus, no question any longer of forcing consumers to take a pack that includes services they don´t use or rarely use (television or fixed telephony, notably). Love Duo is a mobile subscription à la carte and an ultrafast and unlimited fixed internet connection as of 42 euros per month. For a totally unlimited experience, consumers will be able to opt for the Love Duo offer with the Eagle subscription for 64 euros.

For an Orange mobile customer, the ultrafast and unlimited internet at home will thus cost only an additional 34 euros – and only an additional 24 euros for Eagle customers.

Amongst consumers looking for a competitive internet-only offer, there are many who already use video on demand or subscription platforms (Auvio, VRT NU, Netflix, etc.). In order to respond to this major market trend, Orange Belgium proposes to Love Duo customers the Google Chromecast, which makes it possible to stream any type of video content to a big television screen from a smartphone, a tablet or a PC, at the exceptional flat price of 20 euros.

Michaël Trabbia, CEO of Orange Belgium: “Orange Belgium continues to break telecom conventions by offering consumers a genuine choice. If you don´t want to pay for a service you don´t use, then the Love offers are made for you. At Orange, customers have the possibility of choosing a pack that is truly adapted to their needs: with or without television, with or without fixed phone, with a little data, a lot of data, or even 100% unlimited data. With Love Duo, cord-cutters finally have the alternative they´ve been waiting for. And we don´t intend to stop there…”.