Optus Wholesale unveils Business Grade Voice using Ethernet over nbn

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Australia’s Optus Wholesale has expanded its suite of nbn ready products with the launch of Evolve Voice using Ethernet over nbn™ (EoNBN).

This comes as more businesses across Australia become connected and ready to switch over to nbn™ services.

John Castro, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Optus Wholesale said, “Providing customers with additional support throughout their transition to nbn™ services is vital to ensuring a smooth transition.

“We’re developing products such as EoNBN to allow our customers to hit the ground running once they have switched over. We’ve supported business in the Australian Wholesale market for more than 20 years, and we’re continually working with partners to maintain our position as one of the leading wholesalers in the Asia-Pacific market.”

This latest Optus Wholesale product launch follows an announcement from NBN that it will begin disconnecting ‘Special Services’ from November 2018, including Ethernet Lite, Wholesale Business Digital Subscriber Lines and Integrated Services Digital Network.

“We’re encouraging our customers to start planning for their own nbn™ transition, rather than wait until the last minute.”

The new Evolve Voice product will complement Optus Wholesale’s existing portfolio of Data and IP products already enabled on EoNBN. Available now, the new EoNBN product will utilise NBN Traffic Class 2 and a Managed Voice Router.

Optus Wholesale Evolve Products

The addition of Evolve Voice means that Optus Wholesale can support our partner Service Providers’ needs across an expanded Evolve range of products. Announced in 2017, the full suite which is now available through Optus Wholesale includes Evolve Voice, Evolve eWAN, Evolve Internet & Evolve IPVPN via nbn™ access.

This access technology allows Optus to deliver enterprise-grade services using the nbn™ access network, in addition to its existing wide range of Optus fibre and copper networks. This includes connectivity to all existing 121 of nbn™ Permanent Points of Interconnect (POIs) across Australia.

The delivery of enterprise grade nbn™ network offerings will allow wholesale customers to benefit from fast and reliable broadband for business critical and bandwidth-intensive Layer 2 and Layer 3 data and IP needs, such as video conferencing, Wide Area Networks (WAN), private VPN networks, internet access and improved access to cloud-based services.

The supported nbn™ access technologies via EoNBN are Fibre to the Premises (FTTP), Fibre to the Basement (FTTB) and Fibre to the Node (FTTN).