Optus Opens Pre-Order for Samsung Galaxy Note9, Tab S4

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Optus has announced pre-order for the Samsung Galaxy Note9 and Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 is available in Optus stores and at optus.com.au.

Optus is offering the Galaxy Note9 on the great value 24 month My Plan Flex (lease) for $85 per month, with $10 per month handset repayments (min. total cost $2,280) and 20GB of included monthly data. My Plan Flex offers the option to upgrade after 12 months for $99 when customers return their current phone in good working order and sign up to a new 24-month plan. Damage and cancellation fees may apply.

The Galaxy Tab S4 is available on a 24 month My Mobile Broadband plan for $40 per month, plus $10 per month tablet repayments (min. total cost $1,200), and 10GB of included monthly data.

As a special pre-order offer, customers will receive a complimentary memory upgrade on the Galaxy Note9 with a 512GB handset instead of 128GB, and for the Galaxy Tab S4 receiving a 256GB tablet instead of 64GB, when they pre-order before 11:59pm (AEST) on 23 August 2018.

Optus’ $85 My Plan Flex offers the following monthly inclusions:
Unlimited standard national calls and messages (SMS and MMS)

Unlimited international calls and messages to 35 selected countries

A massive 20GB of monthly data, which can be shared between eligible Optus mobile plans on the same bill with Optus Data Pool

There is also the option to add the following extras:
Access to Optus Sport, so that fans can watch every match of the Premier League, with the 2018/2019 season kicking off this weekend, plus a huge range of premium European football live

Hundreds of hours of science and nature documentaries and movies with exclusive access to the National Geographic app

Music streaming from iHeartRadio, Spotify, and Google Play Music (subscriptions required) without using their monthly data allowance

Mobile TV streaming to their plan to enjoy watching Netflix, Stan and ABC iView (subscriptions required) for an additional $5 per month without using their monthly data allowance

In addition to the Premier League, Optus Sport has secured the Australian rights to an enormous range of football including the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Super Cup, UEFA Europa League for the next three years, as well as UEFA Nations League, UEFA Nations League Finals, UEFA Euro 2020 for the next four years, plus the FIFA Women’s World Cup in 2019.

Optus continues to provide Optus Sport to all Australians at no cost until August 31, 2018.

In addition to leasing plans, Optus will also offer the Samsung Galaxy Note9 on My Plan Plus for customers who want to purchase their handset.

The Galaxy Note9 and Galaxy Tab S4 will be available in Optus stores and online from 24 August 2018.