Optus Business Expands its Managed ‘Optus Go’ ICT Solutions

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Optus Business has announced three new offerings for Optus GO, which now includes solutions for contact centre, security and storage, in addition to enhancements for its existing connectivity, collaboration and cloud solutions.

In February, Optus Business launched Optus GO, a suite of products which simplified core Information Communication and Technologies (ICT) essentials for businesses of all sizes, providing access to powerful connectivity, collaboration and cloud solutions.

“The Optus GO solutions were created in response to our customers who are looking for the benefits of ICT solutions without the cost or burden of ownership and management,” said John Paitaridis, Optus Business Managing Director. “We designed Optus GO to save our customers time and money by simplifying technology, delivering connectivity and ICT as an end to end solution in a secure and managed environment.”

The new Optus GO solutions being rolled out include:

Optus GO Contact Centre, which provides enterprises with cloud-based contact centre capabilities, including management of inbound calls, outbound calls, chat and email, social, workforce management, quality management and analytics.

The solution also includes reporting options which capture the learnings generated from each customer engagement. A robust set of add-ons allow Optus GO Contact Centre to be tailored quickly to an enterprise’s unique customer base.

Optus GO Security, which has an advanced cloud security architecture fully managed by Optus. It protects enterprises’ data at the points it is most vulnerable including email and web protection.
Optus GO Storage, which offers flash-based, storage-as-a-service solution.

The service allows enterprises to exceed reserved capacity commitment as business requirements grow. This delivers true as-a-service flash storage in your choice of data centre, without the need to manage end of life hardware and other common storage problems.

Optus Business has also now added additional features which enhance the connectivity, cloud and collaboration offerings launched in early 2018.

Paitaridis predicts that IOT, advanced data analytics, artificial intelligence and 5G will soon offer huge opportunities for business, however, businesses need to get their core platforms right as a foundation.

“An enterprise must address key network and ICT needs as a solid foundation for optimising their investment in next generation technologies. Optus GO delivers speed, reliability and a range of enterprise ICT services which help accelerate our customers’ digital strategies.”