Open Innovations: Yandex, Skolkovo Partner to Unveil Unmanned Transport


On the second day of Open Innovations, October 16, the Yandex company and the Skolkovo Fund signed an agreement on launching unmanned transport at the Innovation Center.

The documents were signed by Igor Drozdov, Chairman of the Skolkovo Fund Management Board, and Elena Bunina, CEO of Yandex for Russia.

During the day, media representatives are welcome to test-drive the unmanned vehicle at the Skolkovo Innovation Center. The service will also be available to employees of the Innovation Center who agreed to test the vehicle.

The unmanned car Yandex. Taxi moves across the pre-set route with no human involvement. The vehicle obeys traffic laws, is capable of driving round obstacles and urgently breaking in case of need. The unmanned vehicle is operating in the test mode, which is why the test engineer stays in the car during all trips.

Yandex is a Russian multinational corporation specializing in Internet-related products and services, including search and information services, eCommerce, transportation, navigation, mobile applications, and online advertising.

Innovating in the digital space, Yandex is providing over 70 services in total. Incorporated in the Netherlands, Yandex primarily serves audiences in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States.

The company founders and most of the team members are located in Russia. The company has 18 commercial offices worldwide.

It is the largest technology company in Russia and the largest search engine on the internet in Russian, with a market share of over 52%.

The home page is the 4th most popular website in Russia. It also has the largest market share of any search engine in the Commonwealth of Independent States and is the 5th largest search engine worldwide after Google, Baidu, Bing, and Yahoo!.