Open Innovations: IPChain Association Discusses Innovations in Blockchain, Big Data and AI


The IPChain Association (National Coordination Center for Processing Rights and Intellectual Property Objects), serving as the official blockchain partner of the Open Innovations 2018 International Forum, held a discussion panel from the “world of ideas to the world of money and vice versa.”

Representatives of relevant Russian ministries, financial Russian and foreign institutions, including banks, venture and crowdfunding companies, international experts in the field of innovative technologies – artificial intelligence, blockchain, big data, representatives of digital specialized services and platforms, as well as large owners of rights to objects intellectual property, start-up communities discussed approaches to the formation in Russia of a fundamentally new financial and investment environment for support, etc. Advanced science-intensive and creative projects in a working and highly profitable business.

“We have already said many times that in the era of the digital economy, the role of intellectual property has undergone tangible changes, becoming not only one of the key intangible assets in business value and actually turning into a new economic resource with high liquidity and export-import potential, ” the President noted Association IPChain Andrew Krichevsky. -Such changes entail a transformation of the usual economic and technological landscape, in turn, creating a request for new financial and platform tools. In particular, if we turn to the experience of our country, today there is an urgent need to create a transparent and legitimate institution for evaluating all existing intellectual property objects, as well as a fundamentally new financial and investment environment that allows you to quickly receive funding secured by objects of intellectual property.

In the framework of the panel discussion, participants will discuss promising ways of financing creative and technological industries, including lending secured by intellectual property. Experts also touched upon the problems of objective, high-quality and verifiable valuation of intellectual property.

Experts answered such global questions as: who will be the engine for the transition of the national financial system to a new level of interrelations with the sphere of intellectual property, what is growing faster – the sphere of creativity or technology and that is therefore safer for banking and non-banking investments, which objects are more valuable and more attractive for investments in terms of liquidity.

“We are waiting for a lot of disputes and diametrically different positions. What is better for creative and intellectual economy – banks or crowdsourcing? Will crowd-investing platforms “kill” banking sector prospects? Who knows better how much intellectual property can cost – “artificial intelligence”, working on the basis of “big data” about potential consumers or a traditional institute of appraisers, – said Sergey Matveev, president of the Federation of Intellectual Property and moderator of the discussion panel . -I think we will go deep into the roots of intellectual rights: we will discuss who will give the best guarantees for market participants and prevent possible fraud with intellectual property rights – the blockchain network or traditional state registration procedures. I am sure that as a result of the disputes, not only the “image of the future” of the new financial and investment environment will be found, but also concrete measures that will allow it to be created. ”

The panel discussion was attended by: Martha Pekarska, Hyperledger Director for Ecosystems ; Andrei Krichevsky, President of the IPChain Association ; Nikita Abramenko, head of Flow, leader of Alte Bank’s fintech projects ; Ani Aslanyan, the founder of the telegram-channel “All About Blockchain” ; Director for Regulatory Management, ANO Digital Economy, Dmitry Ter-Stepanov; Oleg Mansurov, CEO of Aktum ; managing partner of SkolkovoLegal, Anton Pushkov; Director of the Legal Department of the Russian Venture Company Natalia Polyakova; Co-founder and CEO of the crowdfunding platform Planeta.ruFedor Murachkovsky; managing partner of Palitrum Lab, Khachatur Arushanov; Maxim Dmitriev, Chairman of the Board of the Russian Authors’ Society; and Valery Brusnikina, Deputy Director General of n’RIS.