Open Fiber enables ultra-fast fiber connectivity in Belluno


From next March, the Open Fiber construction sites for the installation of a new fiber optic network of about 160 kilometers will be launched in Belluno, the most mountainous capital of the Veneto region : once the design phase has been completed, therefore officially the plan of the company led by Elisabetta Ripa, which aims to connect up to 16 thousand real estate units in the city to ultra broadband by 2022.

Private investment of the company of 5 million euros to create an infrastructure in FTTH (Fiber To The Home) mode by 2022 that will enable connection speeds of up to 1 Gigabit per second

Open Fiber invests approximately 5 million euros directly in Belluno to lay an infrastructure entirely in optical fiber in FTTH mode ( Fiber To The Home , fiber to the home ). The agreement signed last year by Open Fiber with the municipality of Belluno also establishes the excavation and restoration procedures for laying the optical fiber, as required by the 2013 ministerial decree. Over 80%of the development plan will be carried out through the reuse of existing underground or aerial ducts and networks, while the excavations will be carried out by favoring innovative methods with low environmental impact, such as the “micro-trench”. As part of the agreement, Open Fiber is committed to reaching 30 buildings of public interest with ultra-fast fiber : therefore, not only houses and condominiums, but also schools, offices and public administration structures.

To complete the infrastructure work, the companies that work for Open Fiber, having completed the interventions on the road, in parallel with the advancement of the plan in the streets of the city, need to proceed with the wiring of the condominiums by accessing the common areas of the buildings (cellars, under the stairs), where a small device will be placed that will be used to connect the individual homes that, in the future, will request the service. These are free, minimally invasive interventions and for which access to private properties is not provided. For this reason, the representatives of the operational teams will contact the condominium administrators from time to time to agree on how to access the buildings.

“This is how an intervention that serves our families and our businesses with a very high-speed last generation network is realized – underlines the Mayor of Belluno,

Jacopo Massaro, said, “Fast and reliable connections are increasingly becoming indispensable for the world of work and school, as well as for free time; the recent rankings on the quality of life demonstrate this, where coverage of the broadband network becomes a positive development factor, and unfortunately the health emergency we are experiencing has shown it, which has in fact “moved” many aspects of our life: the lessons of our children, business meetings, video calls with relatives and friends, … Such an infrastructure is a great weapon against the depopulation that afflicts the mountains: it allows companies and jobs to be kept here, and at the same time to provide services also to those families who would otherwise be forced to move downstream ”.

“We are happy to be able to launch this important project that will make Belluno a true Smart City – underlines Marco Martucci , Head of Network & Operations Area North East Open Fiber -; works are near, ours will be the first FTTH network available to citizens and businesses in the area. Smart working, distance learning, telemedicine, online streaming in 4K, are just some of the services enabled by this infrastructure by virtue of a very high browsing speed, a stable connection and a very low latency that avoids data transmission delays. With this investment, we are still implementing our ongoing development plan in Veneto which, in the black areas alone, is already worth over 190 million euros ”.

Open Fiber is a wholesale only operator , it does not directly address end customers but makes its network available to all interested operators: