lyntia, DigitalES partner to advance technological transition in Spain


The Spanish Association for Digitalisation (DigitalES) brings together the leading organisations in the country’s digital technology and innovation sector

It is the only organisation in the technology sector to be signed up the Spanish Confederation of Business Organisations directive. The new alliance with lyntia seeks to accelerate the technological transformation of individuals, companies and the public sector in order to bolster all-important economic growth.

Spain and Europe alike are facing one of the most critical and decisive moments in their recent history in terms of economic development. Overcoming the many challenges posed by the global pandemic will require determined movement, partnerships and synergies in key sectors.

Technology is one of the areas that presents more and better options for boosting the economy and positively transforming the dynamics of behaviour, both when it comes to citizens and companies and their strategic developments.

Keenly aware of its responsibility as a neutral operator in the field of communications, fibre-optic connectivity, dark fibre, satellite Internet and 5G connectivity, lyntia has partnered with DigitalES, the only organisation in Spain’s technology sector to be a signed up member of the Confederation of Business Organisations umbrella group.

The main reason behind this partnership is to combine efforts, knowledge, technical resources, human resources and experience to promote the digital transition, without which neither Spain nor the European Union could comprehend achieving the strategic objectives set out in Agenda 2025.

Leading companies in the technology, connectivity and online sectors
lyntia is now part of a family of around fifty global companies that come together under the umbrella of the Spanish Association for Digitalisation.

They include leading organisations in the field of digital transformation. Both in terms of size, as well as the context in which they operate, their vision for the future and their commitment to use of technology as a driver of the paradigm shift that the future requires in the medium term.

lyntia and DigitalES share some key fundamentals when it comes to their vision of the future. Both entities are engaged in the work of making society and the business community see the positive impact that appropriately implementing technological solutions suited to a given situation can generate a very positive impact indeed. Both in the quality of people’s everyday lives and in the way they deal with work and business relationships in countless sectors.

This has been proven by sources consulted by lyntia, in relation to this new synergy: “the technological challenges we face in the near future are exciting. And they’ll be even more so in the coming years, when we have to achieve the objectives set out by the European Union’s Agenda 2025 programme with regard to digitalisation. Joining forces with the Spanish technological association not only seemed to us to be the most logical next step, but it was frankly an unavoidable progression, given the complex times we find ourselves in”.

The associations that make up DigitalES represent 3.3% of Spain’s gross value added (GVA), with turnover in the country amounting to some 48,000 million euros in 2017 alone. More than half of the 250,000 jobs at companies that make up DigitalES are in STEM — Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics — generating some €5,600 million annually in investment and €9,000 million annually in wealth for the country through taxation.

Both lyntia and DigitalES hope to contribute to the establishment of a technological think tank in Spain — until now unheard of — , where companies in the sector can see citizens as public administrations that are the perfect ally to making digital life in Spain take off definitively, with all the short and long-term benefits that will entail.

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