Open Fiber enables ultra-broadband network in Seregno


The network FTTH ( Fiber To The Home , fiber to the home ) is already available in some 2600 properties in the city of Seregno, the first to be reached by the new infrastructure created by Open Fiber.

Citizens residing in the San Rocco district can contact one of the company’s partner operators to start surfing the web with highly reliable services.

This is a first, important milestone, which makes the effect of the works carried out in recent months tangible. At the same time, the wiring of the second intervention area is already underway, which will mainly concern the Lazzaretto and San Giuseppe districts.

Open Fiber is a wholesale only operator , it does not provide services to the end customer but is active exclusively in the wholesale market, offering access to all operators at non-discriminatory technical and economic conditions.

The main partner operators of Open Fiber, together with local Internet service providers, are already marketing services on the ultra-fast network built in the municipality of Seregno: if citizens want to request activation, all they have to do is check the coverage of their address on the site , contact one of the available operators and choose the preferred tariff plan.

The program expects to reach at least 85 percent of the city’s real estate units with ultra-fast optical fiber by 2022: Open Fiber is in fact directly investing 5 million euros to wire approximately 15 thousand homes and offices in Seregno.