Open Fiber Drives Digitalization in Civitanova Marche

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Connecting the citizens of Civitanova Marche with ultra-fast optical fiber. With this objective, Open Fiber and the municipal administration have signed an agreement to facilitate the construction of a new infrastructure entirely in optical fiber in FTTH mode (the fiber to the home), which will allow families and businesses to surf up to 1 Gbps ( Gigabits per second).

The new infrastructure will be 67 kilometers long and will connect 18,000 real estate units , including houses, offices and shops, with a total investment by the company of 4.5 million euros. For most of the network it will not be necessary to dig because, thanks to the agreement signed with the local administration, 76% of the route of the new network will be built using existing infrastructures so as not to cause further inconvenience to citizens. The works will begin around Via Verga, via Cavallotti, via Quasimodo, via Dante Alighieri, and will then extend to the rest of the city.

“After Ancona, Fabriano, Pesaro, Macerata and Ascoli Piceno we are happy to be able to start working in Civitanova Marche. Thanks to the agreement with the Municipality, for the construction of a large part of the network, existing infrastructures will be reused, without the need to dig and when necessary we will do it with minimally invasive techniques in order not to create inconvenience to citizens – comments Stefano Rigano, Network Manager & Operations Marche and Umbria , and continues – For citizens, having a completely fiber-optic network will be a real revolution, especially in this period when distance learning and smartworking require technology that guarantees high performance “.

“The construction of the new fiber optic infrastructure – said the Mayor Fabrizio Ciarapica – is a further sign of the goodness of the municipal administration’s plan to make Civitanova Marche a modern, young and in step with the times. The goal is to equip families, businesses, professional offices, shops and schools with an indispensable tool, also considering the frequent use of smartworking and distance learning. Among other things, a large part of the new network will be traced by exploiting the existing infrastructures thus reducing the inconvenience for our citizens ”.

Open Fiber is a wholesale only operator : it does not sell fiber optic services directly to the end customer, but is active exclusively in the wholesale market. When the network is completed, the citizens concerned will only have to contact an operator (among those on the website, choose the tariff plan and navigate at a speed that is impossible to achieve with current copper or mixed fiber networks. copper. When the user requests it, the selected operator will contact Open Fiber, who at that point will make an appointment with the customer, with the aim of bringing the optical fiber from the road pit into the home.. At the end of the operation, the user will be ready to surf at the speed of 1 Gigabit per second, and benefit from services such as online streaming in HD and 4k, teleworking, telemedicine, and many other opportunities generated by the FTTH network built. by Open Fiber, which enables a true digital revolution.