Open Fiber Deploying Optical Fiber Network in Bormio

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The “Queen of the Stelvio” will soon have a new ultra-broadband network in FTTH ( Fiber To The Home ) mode, capable of enabling a web connection speed of up to 1 Gigabit second : Open Fiber, the concessionaire of the Infratel public tender for the coverage of the white areas of the country, is in fact working in Bormio to lay the new infrastructure that will make the renowned tourist resort a modern Smart City.

The network will remain publicly owned, while Open Fiber will maintain and manage it for the next 20 years. The project was made possible thanks to the agreement signed between the Ministry for Economic Development, the Lombardy Region, the Municipalities concerned and Infratel Italia.

There are over 6500 real estate units in Bormio that will be connected to ultra-broadband through an infrastructure that is extending for almost 24 kilometers throughout the municipal area. Much of the development plan, equal to about 70% of the total, provides for the reuse of existing overhead and underground networks and cable ducts, in order to limit inconvenience to citizens and traffic as much as possible.

There are also numerous buildings of public interest bound thanks to this project, such as the Town Hall , the Health Center , the offices of the Mountain Community , the Lombard headquarters of the Stelvio National Park ,the Alberti secondary education institute .

“The cabling proposal by Open Fiber – says the Bormina Administration- was immediately accepted by our municipality, aware of the importance of this intervention for the future of the country. This is a strategic work, the importance of which was underlined by the Draghi Government itself, which has included digital development and the spread of ultra-broadband networks among its priorities. The installation of the optical fiber is an indispensable intervention for the creation of “smart cities” and, as far as we are concerned, it is essential for the organization of the Olympic event. The hope of the municipal administration is that the times indicated by the creator of the work are respected and that, as soon as possible, even the residents will finally be able to take advantage of a fast and efficient network ”.

“The network we are building will be a great ally for the next digital challenges of the city of Bormio – underlines Luca Nanna, Regional Manager Lombardia Est Open Fiber -. It will take a little patience on the part of the citizens because there are several construction sites around the city, but we will deliver to the community a modern and future-proof network, which enables all the cutting-edge technological services already on the market and those that will come in the next few years. We thank the municipal administration and the Lombardy Region for their support to this project which is among the most important in the Open Fiber plan in the white areas.”

“The works are already underway and will be completed within the year – explains Giuliano Litrico, Open Fiber Field Manager -. A PCN (Neutral Delivery Point) will also be installed in the municipality of Bormio , ie the optical center that will switch on the fiber of the Bormini and also of the neighboring municipality of Valdidentro.”

FTTH optical fiber, thanks to its low latency and exceptional connection speed, is a particularly useful tool to benefit from all the latest generation services, such as smart working and remote teaching , which have now become necessary in this period. . It is also an essential enabling factor for telemedicine, the Internet of Things and to take advantage of all the online applications of the Public Administration. In a particularly attractive context such as Bormio, the new network will allow the development or enhancement of all the innovative services related to tourism and the digital concierge in the accommodation facilities in the area.

Open Fiber is a wholesale only operator : it does not sell fiber optic services directly to the end customer, but is active exclusively in the wholesale market, offering access to all interested market operators.

Once the work has been completed, the user will only have to check the coverage of his / her address on the site , contact an operator, choose the tariff plan and surf the web with excellent and hitherto unprecedented performance for citizens and businesses in the area.