Ooredoo Kuwait Taps Comviva to offer CVM campaigns by machine-based learning

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Comviva, the global enabler in mobility solutions has announced its strategic alliance with Ooredoo Kuwait. As part of this data science and managed CVM involvement, Comviva will support Ooredoo Kuwait to deliver contextual customer campaigns with MobiLytix Real Time Marketing, a digital omnichannel marketing automation platform powered by machine-based learning.

The solution uses advanced analytics and real-time technology that enables telecom operators to fully leverage the “micro moments” of engagement with their customers to build customer lifetime value. Machine-based learning models improve the quality of decisions to drive the customer experience, reduce churn, and boost operator revenue.

Tapan Tripathi, Chief Marketing Officer, Ooredoo Kuwait, said: “Currently, a key focus area for us is convergence of digital and analytics. We look forward to building this capability with Comviva, using its data science and Managed CVM capabilities. Its powered solution machine-based learning coupled with the involvement in Managed CVM will help us differentiate ourselves from the competition.”

Manoranjan (Mao) Mohapatra, CEO of Comviva, said: “Globally, to keep up with customer demands, organizations are increasingly leveraging digital technologies to deliver integrated and omnichannel experience to their customers. Customer value management, Combined with fast-evolving advanced analytics and our industry expertise, coupled with services that complement technology solutions, set us apart. This strategic alliance will enable Ooredoo Kuwait to deliver an optimal experience for existing customers, while driving business opportunities.”

Nirmal Upreti, Senior Director of Prepaid Marketing at Ooredoo Kuwait, said: “We are delighted to expand our partnership with Comviva, to offer our data science program using advanced analytics to build consumer insights that support our goal for digital leadership in the region. The partnership will allow Ooredoo to build a set of capabilities that empower our consumers on their digital journey, enabled by machine-based learning analytics.”

Ramy Moselhy, Senior Vice President and Head of MENA Region at Comviva, said: “Enabling our clients to execute actionable customer insights has always been our top priority. We are confident that our Managed CVM and Data Science services supported by our real-time platform Next-generation algorithms using artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms and machine-based learning will drive incremental revenue for Ooredoo Kuwait and improve the customer experience. ”

Comviva’s MobiLytix  is a real-time interaction management platform that uses advanced artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms and machine-based learning to drive incremental revenue for businesses. Provides contextual, AI-driven insights that deliver the “next best deal” to customers in real time and at scale. The AI-based platform uses real-time transactional data in combination with a rich unified customer profile to create customer lifetime value.

MobiLytix enables service providers to maximize the value of individual customers and their micro moments of interaction using machine learning analytics and real-time contextual decision making.